Corrupt a Wish Foundation

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  1. Granted. But You are the only person left alive.

    I wish I was able to use the Force from Star Wars
  2. Tough ****.

  3. Granted, but every time you use the force... you become one step closer to mutating into jarjar binks.

    I wish I was a little bit taller
  4. Granted but your life span has shortened a bit

    I wish the Illuminati dies for reals
  5. Granted, but an even more sinister group called the darkinati comes to power and knows what you did to the illuminati. So they send their goons to your home, tie you up and beat you to death with pickles!

    I wish I could fly, I wish I could touch the sky, I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away. I wish I could soar...
  6. Granted but you're always so tired once you do it you sleep for 3 days dreaming about the next chance to get away and fly

    I wish I could understand my kitten as if talking to anyone else
  7. Granted, your kitten now sounds like everyone else, and everyone else now sounds like a cat.

    I wish that someone would give me a high-five.
  8. granted but it was a slap instead

    I wish I wish that I get unlimited wishes without catches or involving evil genies
  9. Granted but you live in an world without anyone.
    I wish for 400t. 
  10. Granted but they're made out if monopoly money

    I wish for 500t
  11. Granted but u got 500t of cockroaches
    I wish I have IPhone 10SE

  12. Granted.. It still has no jack and becomes useless with asingle drip of water.

    I wish I was wealthy
  13. Granted but anyone you make eye contact with instantly loses their wealth to you and dies.

    I wish some of these people granting wishes weren't so dark.
  14. Granted but everyone are handsome
    I wish for free high speed internet and WiFi for all humankind forever
  15. Granted but now everyone lost those jobs

    I wish the next person who granted this wish doesn't corrupt me so I wish for applesauce be apple cider
  16. Granted, now everyone in the world has grown up calling applesauce apple cider except you, who still remembers them as they used to be.

    I wish for the ability to corrupt the person above me's wish.

  17. Granted. But I revert back to applesauce due to my addication.

    I wish I could do a backflip
  18. Granted but every time you do that you always get hurt

    I wish I eliminate all living narwhals
  19. Granted but dead ones come back to life.

    I wish i could turn back time to the good old days
  20. Granted your back in the 1900s

    I wish I have all Lego set s from the beginning until the last sets from the future except duplo