Coolest Hero Myth

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  1. “If anyone has the right to be called a hero,
    it’s not the one who took up the blade.
    It’s not the one who raised his shield,
    nor the one who healed the wounded.
    Only one who truly risks his life may be called a hero.
    Protect your friends, save the girl, and face danger.
    It doesn’t matter if you fall.
    No, that’s fine.
    Cry your heart out over it.
    Within the defeated,
    a victor awaits to emerge.
    Stay true to your wishes.
    Cry out your desires.
    And if you do...
    ...what will...
    ...make you the coolest hero!”
    - Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 13 - Familia Myth

    Greetings fellow KaWers. I thought the above was actually pretty epic at the time for how the lines were used, but it made me wonder -> Did I know anyone who met that description? How about you, KaW?

    Are there any heroes YOU know that merit something like the above? Let us know in the replies.
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