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  1. hey guys its me its your boy lonesong back with another guide. this time im gonna learn you how to make messages that will get you farmed in world chat

    ok so first thing your’re gonna do is think of something really funny, like super hilarious. i like to think of things during the day so that i can post them whenever i want in wc. heres an example:

    “will roleplay for charms, furries only”

    now thats a classic one and a surefire way to get some heat. roleplay isnt the best way to make friends on this game so once you type something like that, i always make sure to self pin on an eb.

    heres a list of things to type in wc that will help get you some inc:

    “hey looking for free zta, hte, or netherking. please wall me and i will join thanks”

    “DON’T HIRE MY ALLIES!!!!1!!”

    “next person to speak is getting farmed till reset”

    “baby shark doo doo do do do do”

    if you guys have any other cool ways to get some inc please let me know thanks lonesong out
  2. terrible guide, keep it up
  3. Pimd > KaW
  4. also a good example ty
  5. Yw
  6. This is the dumbest thing I've ever been on i regret coming to forums
  7. also a good way to get farmed, thank you