Convo with apoc member about Chongo

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ZachGhost, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Here is a convo with an apoc member of MG about Chongos situation.


  2. You didn't block out his name in the last ss
  4. I'm aware that first names are allowed
  5. I never ran from war.
  7. He said i was sexy soooo i had to :3
  8. You were saying?
  9. Bunneh own age!
  10. 

    I love ss
    Fight the good fight boys!
    Ill be back here playing call of duty and eating cheesey poofs
  11. If I'm part of apocalypse I'll farm you as a runner for being a dick head. You run in war and ask for cf so shut your inquisitive stupidity.
  12. Can't post with alts

    Can't post with main

    Sheesh, can't a guy have an opinion anymore?
  13. Charge ur frickin phone
  14. Mustang so your mad because I posted something that wasn't lies?
  15. Plus I didn't run I was kicked by shine. And I asked for a cf because it wasn't my fight anymore
  16. I'm not mad at you I'm just disappointed. When you have coward stamp on your wall. Don't show PM in forum. It's wrong to show pm in forum. You could get in trouble the other person. Best if you lock this forum and don't show your name anywhere until you have coward stamp on your wall.
  17. Follow me back I will tell you what happened in a little while