Conversion Question

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by -DaKiller-, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. So... I've been have a sort of mid-life crisis. With the devs saying they are going to make ghs less powerful, I want to become a hybrid with towers.

    As I have always been a gh, I am very confused as of how and how much it would cost to become a decent hybrid.

    That's where you guys come in... So give it your best shot, forums, and give me a good answer

    I am hungry for some answers.
  2. Erm...I'd aim for a few tril for a full conversion
  3. What do you want your stats to be around? Do you any towers??
  4. I want about 2 mil cs spy towers
  5. Around 10 mil cs
  6. Easy solution:

    Go smack Devs senseless.

  7. Do the math, 225bX25 that's high lands, lowlands is 12bX24 then hoarfrost
  8. Actually lowlands cost 14-15B per building x 24

    14B for castle

    7.6T for all 74 lands

    400B a building x 25 in hoarfrost

    175-200B a building x 25 in HL

    ~20T OP will buy you all you ever wanted

    (Realistically about 3-5T total for what you are asking)