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  1. Sean is only so sickeningly happy due to the strong antidepressants the doctor gave him.
  2. I think Sean is made of antidepressants. He's like a pez dispenser full of them.
  3. Your life sucks because of the choices you make, not the choices that others make. (Not speaking to anyone specifically, but if you disagree it is probably you)
  4. Eb fairies are the best players in the game
  5. If conjoined twins with two heads, two brains, one body. If one marries and the other disapproves, on their honeymoon is it violating? ******?
  6. Marmite tastes better than Vegimite
  7. Someone having their balls and eyes removed and their eyes were put where there balls were and the balls were put where the eyes where
  8. Bacon tastes very very bad.
  9. Guns kill people
  10. Metallica rules
  11. Uh uh, I kill people... With guns
  12. 2 balls are better than one.
  13. Mine is bigger than yours
  14. no the motion of the ocean baby
  15. The devs care about us
  16. The rainbow was a sign to Noah from God to signify the cleansing of the earth, irony???
  17. The end is near
  18. I don't get it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.