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  1. OK Im going to keep it short and to the point. I made this for a bit of banter. You must simply make a statement as controversial as possible (While still conforming to the TOU)
    I will start;
    "Bush did 9-11"
  2. All Muslims aren't terrorists
  3. "Global warming doesn't affect us to the extent of which we think"
  4. The confederates lost the war to the skittle factory.
  5. Console > PC
  6. God's do not exist, but merely are a meme that a large majority of society has chosen to accept in some form to help them sleep at night and explain the currently unexplainable.
  7. Only to those that give up.
  8. This thread is clutter n only bumps threads that have some meat with the potatoes.
  9. The confederate flag represents everything perverse about gay marriage
  10. HTE is good
  11. Pc>console
    Wait nvm that is a fact
  12. Yo momma so gay that she can finally get married
  13. ATA is run by monkeys not apes.
  14. Yo don't be racist like that
  15. The devs are not greedy
  16. Ata are our great benevolvent masters who want nothing but good for the community...hail Chairman Mao...I mean ata....
  17. Pandas taste better WITHOUT soda
  18. They do?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.