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  1. Les analize some of the mos thougt probokin issues in ar society. There wil b no winers. The gol is to habe a idea of what others might think about them issues.

    Women hitin mans.

    A women is atackin a guy (hits, kiks, etc. No weapons)

    1.- Is it ok to riturn fire?

    2.- guy habe to take it while police come?

    3.- u r supose to run so she dosent hit u and she dosent get in trouble.

    Opine away
  2. Women can be awful and abusive just as bad as men can be. Nobody deserves to take abuse, gender shouldn't matter.
  3. this pmuch sums it up
  5. equal rights; equal lefts :lol:
  6. That wud fit options 1 or 3. Wich one is it thrawn?
  7. If he asks me to hit him is it still an attack?
  8. Leave her in bloody pulp
  9. Use force only necessary to deescalate the situation. She beats on me repeatedly hit her until she stops nothing more. Could be one punch could be two could be 5. She hits me one time im not returning fire. Only unless necessary and only with as much force as necessary. This only applies if you cant simply just walk away or close a door.
  10. id farm her ass to reset bro then id ask for a forum apology. her fault for not using weapons lol what kind of noob doesnt use equipment?? shes missing out on so much stat boosts
  11. Return fire until she can't return your return fire
  12. First off if a Woman hit a man multiple times they should expect to get swung on or maybe put to sleep with the ol boxing gloves but yeah abuse is bad and for all you radical Feminazis Equal Rights=Equal Responsibility none of that superiority crap
  13. Walk away, No one should be hitting anyone.
  14. ^Men get in bad relationships all the time.

    So do women, simply saying that will not change anything.

    Even if it's the most ideal train of thought and that really sucks.
  15. hit that hoe with an RKO
  16. The man must instantly seize to exist. Any other reaction will eventually lead to him being sent to prison.
  17. Full support.

  18. Quite an interesting and controversial topic.

    Although most females claim they want equality; the truth is they only want it when it benefits them.

    Majority of states along with the "white knight" complex police have; causes majority of men being abused to remain silent or if they try defending are automatically the abuser. I know this isnt the case with all domestic violence but its more common then statistics show.

    fact is these women love playing the victim card to get the results they want and cops love playing the white knight. This is a form of narcissism women use. Men are more forward about being narcissistic hense why a male narcissist is easily identified well before trouble comes along.

    Unfortunately your damned if you do damned if you don't.
  20. Women don’t exist online