continuous story

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  1. It's simple I'll start one sentence and the other continues like a story

    Keep it semi clean and have fun :)

    Once upon a time there was a man name Todd and he
  2. Ate a ladder and a tree and after that he
  3. Explode and spawned tree goblins and invaded
  4. And everyone died the end
  5. Story/10
    Wuld read again
  6. Once upon a time Jerry called Ferry a chicken head and
  7. And then ferry realised chicken head is a much better name so changed his name by deed poll.
  8. So he murdered Jerry and buried him in his backyard
  9. Then he ate corn on top of his grave
  10. North Korea then bombed everyone with nukes
  11. Except for some survivors and rebuild America to make it great again but
  12. Not Hillary she can live in Syria with her refugee friends.
  13. Where she met a scary stranger! The stranger
  14. Was scary
  15. And had a pet purple people eater!
  16. Which ate Hillary
  17. And some trump survivors blast them and declared NEW TRUMPTOPIA.... However
  18. The plan failed and
  19. They all ate tacos
  20. But beyond the misty mountains and the dark forests, there you will find?