Continent Wars

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    • "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
      I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff
      they comfort me."
      • Psalm 23 - King James

    I could hear them coming, they had us surrounded; assassins on the Western Front, scouts on the Eastern, Catapults and Giant Bugs were coming at us from the North. We couldn't run to the South as our backs were facing a cliff. Our leader had shouted for us to keep fighting, keep pushing forward. It seemed impossible, we were surrounded on all fronts. They outnumbered us and we were beginning to lose faith in our Commanders. Was is possible that they had betrayed us? Given us to the enemy for their own personal gain? No. I couldn't stand for that, I can't stand and watch my Battle Buddies get torn apart and left for dead. Can I stand up and fight? Could it be? Was I the one chosen to lead, to give my friends a new hope.

    I stood up and I knew I shouldn't have, shouldn't be doing this. I should sit down but I couldn't take it anymore. Can't take watching my friends die and not to anything.

    "Will you stand and fight? Or will we die cowards. They have us surrounded, but we have the advantage! Come with me my brothers and sisters, come with me and we will win."

    A leader is born through the ashes and pain, a leader is born when all hope is lost. But is it really? Is the hope really gone or just doused. Can you be a leader through all the hate?


    Welcome, to the First Official {hopefully successful} Continent Wars. As being such, there will be more rules, higher restrictions, and more organization. Without further adieu, we shall start with the rules.

    Member Rules
    • Max of 50 Members
      Min of 45
      Full Mith Allowed
      Stat Minimums decided on by Leaders

    Rules for Leaders
    • Must be 10m cs
      Have War Experience
      Can Get 5 people to back as a Leader - Must be 8m cs
      Only the Leader can create the recruitment thread
      If any team goes over 50 or under 45 they will be Disqualified.
      **1 THREAD PER TEAM**
      • All Potential Leaders will be interviewed to ensure
        that they will not go cookoo. If you wish to Apply for
        leader Position, please wall Xtreme or Jester
    Post on this Thread if you wish to be a leader for whatever clan. Then get your 5 supporters to support your claim.

    Important Dates
    Recruitment Time: Jan 3rd - Jan 10th
    Start of First War: Jan 17th
    • Each war will be 12 hours long
    Second War: Jan 19th
    • Team Antarctica will be Introduced - see Team Antarctica Info Below
    Final War: TO BE ANNOUNCED

    I do have the Devs backing in this, I will ask if they can post what the reward will be.


    • Team Antarctica Information
    As the Continents are uneven, there will be another team introduced during the Second War. This team will be made up the top members of the 3 losing teams. The 3 leaders will get together and chose which members they want to make a clan of 50.

    Good Luck and remember to Have Fun.


    I'll probably make some cool banners for each section later.
  2. As holder and creater of Team South America and due to being to small (cs) and busy to run team South America, I will give the clan to the new owner.
  3. Again...?
  4. We did say that it was being pushed back to after the holidays for better planning and better timing. So either y'all can suck up the past and move on or don't. Doesn't bother me. KaW can do it, it just needs someone who has the time and won't be in the wars.
  5. Jesus slayerbob. We think alike.
  6. Please read above post.
  7. Grrr the dates suck for me exam dates
  8. It's a 12 hour war. Are you telling me you have a test that lasts 12 hours?
  9. whos Team North America Leader?
  10. Are you and XTREME becoming the leaders of any certain clan? Or are you just the organizers?
  11. Im not warring. Xtreme and I are just organizing. He doesn't have a choice. XD
  12. No lol but from 10-19 jan is filled with exmas :lol:
  13. Psh you can still war haha its 12 hours bro.
  14. Wish it was 48 hours.
  15. I volunteer to Lead Team North America. I've led team North America before years back in the country wars, twice actually. It's always a fun time.

    I guess I need 5 people to support me before I can be set in stone. :D
  16. Oli didnt know North America is a country