Continent Wars

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  1. Everyone who wants to be on North America, apply now!
  2. We should make a team Antarctica and strip the other continents!
  3. Team Nerth Murica ftw
  4. As part of the Arctic Circle, I would have to side with Antarctica with this.
  5. Well guys now it's official! Spread the word!

    The continent wars are officially backed by the devs now :)

    Spread the word as more updates to follow soon
  7. Thanks guys, you're awesome and love how much you guys are participating with the community now!
  8. 50 players? That's never gonna happen
  9. Team Asia
  10. I want Antarctica
  11. May i join? Anyones team?
  12. Team North America would dominate just because of sheer numbers.
  13. Sounds like a challenge...
  14. KaW Admin, don't you think its unfair that they don't let all the Narwhals, Fish, and Penguins participate?
  15. Well I mean, since kaw admins just Gona cheat and play some role in the victory of team Europe or bumville(wherever ata located). Team North America will ABSOLUTLY win. USA ,
  16. ATA is located in North America sooo...
  17. North America number 1 . There for for now kaw admin will have one less hater
  18. @kaw admin. Will you let ee not lose a level for this player event? It would be really helpful and great. It would really let more people not worry about it. Thanks
  19. Do you have to be in a specific clan, or can you be in seperate clans?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.