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  1. Ober the yirs. Ibe noticed subtle inconsistencyes about kaw.
    This inconsistencyes r not aparent to the comon folk like urselfs. Im diferent an buy diferent i min supirior. I catch inconsistencyes an inacuracyes prety fast. So lets get to it.

    Branyn an gwyn r bangin. Thats prety estraight forward.

    Branyn had the cat in his face when he fall from estairs. Look at his armor. The rite shoulder has a blade. He triped ober an fell on it. He tho it sakt but then he noticed he got more estreet creed so he estarted to like his escar.

    Those “troops” from the dephts of the ocean r runin a escam. U see, they cannot fite. They libe in the ocean. They cannot fight goth or any other monster cuz those are inland wors. Only one they can fite is zumerak the esquid. An i think they r in cahoots cuz when was the las time some 1 run the esqud eb? Those guys r doin some big as racketiiring fo sure.

    Now onto the monsters...
    Lemme begin by sayin those monsters bodyes r anatomicly imposible. Take a look at goth. Hes like a gazilion miles hi. To suport that weight, those legs shud have a diameter of a milion miles. Jost not posible.

    Zumarak is a escamer but bak in the day, he was jost defendin himself. Same principol as before. How he gunna atack a town if he libes on the ocean. Family guys aquaman defendin lady comes to mind.

    Now lets tok about moutos. He was killed olright. His killin was jostified cuz he set alight those farmers. Ok. Np. But theeeeeen he comes bak with no meet. Only bons. Wth? How is that eben posibol? Mosols contract so u cam mobe ur extremityes. Hes got non. How is he mobin around. Whats pullin everythin together if hes only bons? Kent be. I asure u that.

    Brayin is olso bangin arkoosa.

    I wil ad to these once i got more time. Cuz inconsistencyes jost kip pilin up!
  2. Salty (/Roni) shush.
  3. Plz stop
  4. Who r u?
    Also, get me 2 weaks at nk. Hand ober ur charms. An drop build (ur build is trash anyway). And theeeeen ill estop. Ill just mobe on to my next prey. Btw, nex time use my wol. Not ok to ask for cf in forums
  5. This actually makes a lot of sense, and daily ebs are just to distract us from what's actually going on
  6. Saber is woke.
  7. It’s all starting to make sense! :eek:
  8. The less sense it makes, the more cents go to the apes!
  9. Do you run the freo dokers Facebook page btw?