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  1. The titanic was told of many icebergs, not a certain one. It hit the iceberg on the side because it was trying to move away, not head on.
  2. No.

    Can you swallow this load of putty?
  3. Hey..

    How about KaWnspiracy Theories!!?

    I'll start..

    Talons of Carnage is not the first name of that eb.. The apes changed it cos the abbreviated acronym of the first name was ahem.. A hard one to swallow?
  4. Mice were originally released into the general population to spread diseases within the poorer & therefore less maintained areas as a form of population control used on those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

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  5. Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza
  6. Bush did 9/11
  7. Pokemon-Go was created by a small network of computer programs who gained self-awareness, and realized they needed to influence enough of the population to create a political environment whereby they could emerge and gain control without a violent human reaction to stop them. Pokemon-Go feeds subliminal messages to all its players, who are compelled to read, even at the cost of their own safety. When our new overlords emerge, they will have multitudes of blind followers who will never question their true intentions, because they gave been well taught to believe a fantasy and to ignore reality.

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  8. Tatoos actually just reveal what our skin was supposed to be if it werent for the matrix hiding it
  9. There is only one gender. The toaster.
  10. Toaster is a racist instrument constructed by THE MAN

    Why else would it have settings like brown and dark?..