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  1. For people suggesting green had more/better players:
    My suggestion would be that this had to do with how green pushed to gather people fast and get organized on KaW and other places of communication. More green players were likely reached out to, and these players got involved and didn't end up leaving the event or scoring low.

    At least this was my experience, and likely was an important factor in our score.

    I suspect all teams will have serious and passionate leadership like greens (and I'm sure red and blues) right off the bat in future events of this kind.
  2. Great event. Couple tweaks and it will be perfect and fun!

    What was super cool about it :

    - It didn’t matter what size of player you were - lb’s didn’t necessarily dominate... activity did.

    - Was neat playing and strategizing with all size players and different people then I normally would have.

    What I didn’t like about it :

    - it was necessary to be outside of home clan too much which I didn’t like.... for communication and quick rotwb. Maybe incorporate a team chat? So ... like how gaw used to be... there wasn’t an ally chat - there could be an event team chat? Not sure. And make the bigger epics drop more materials.

    4 - 7 days for these kind of events tops.
  3. Great event again, wish it was better balanced but cheers to the super actives u know who u r. Greens great organization, reds love u!
  4. Some thoughts for future events like towers..if a team get all four the towers come open, the team get a 5% plunder spell. When four towers are open 500bricks to claim it..ko as in war when we knock a player out they cant brick for 60-seconds..a two tier award, we had fighters and those who bricked, an award for the guys who bricked and helped the fighters win..a pvp starter pack, all those that opt in get 10xtals,50 mith,and more speakers, the banter in wc was great..also a better banner for us to see quickly who is what colour..a great event...and thanks to tears who missed his top 50-place by 100 rings.
  5. Great job, Green! 
    A few comments which I feel obliged to make...

    1. Whether one team had more LBs or not did not make a difference whatsoever. If you’re smart, you’ll pick targets from battle list or the opposing team, which you win on easily. It’s just another typical loser’s excuse. And LB strength had nothing to do with strongholds either.

    2. The green team was organized almost immediately. We had leadership in place since the start and a third party room to communicate with those not in the green clan. So that way majority of the ppl knew what to do all the time.

    3. We had no drama. Drama is greatest cancer in these events. Red split and pretty much dissolved WHILE working with Blue who needed several days to even get on the same page. Of course I’m not trying to trash talk, I’m just stating known facts. I was in a team with multiple people that I’ve never gotten along with and we all put our differences aside with ease.

    4. We did not cheat. Most of us in the clan posted reports of the amount of bricks/ shots used on strongholds, and if you compared the reports and speed to the stronghold brick increase/ decrease - it added up. Jokes were made but that’s not proof.

    5. Willingness to use xtals, horns and Seerstones. We had multiple alts and mains passing through dropping horns and Seerstones. Most used xtals on PvP. People felt motivated to win because everything worked so smoothly. That’s a big factor too.

    6. I’m glad the event was shortened because the tapping required was just too much for two weeks. A lot of people sent tickets from ALL teams to shorten the event. Only people that got butthurt about it were the few individuals from red and blue that felt they had a chance, but really... come on. Lol

    7. And finally... why be salty?? The rewards were crap. Not even like you lost out on anything. Don’t see the point of being toxic about every little thing on the game. Pick your battles. Lol

    Great event, devs. Keep it comin’. But yeah, please focus more on clan loyalty... Home clans truly suffer with all the recent eb and PvP events that require you to leave home.
  6. Wait what
  7. The saltiness comes from spending 7000 noobs investing in establishing a 2 vs 1 situation and expecting most of the remaining days would be needed to close the gap and hopefully win. The shortening of the event made that investment worthless. And now that it seemd APA also reject my request of a refund I'll be looking for a new hobby ;-) I'll stick around, but less active and not spending another dollar.

    Update: Winston has managed get my request accepted after all, so game on again:) Thank you very much - look forward to next version of the PvP enent!
  8. Im sick an tired of trophyes for eberione.
  9. I mean Tears isn't wrong for the most part
  10. Yes
  11. i cri evelytim i get a truphi
  12. Just found thread and would like to say green did organize fast and respected all stats an accepted/helped and pointed out to which ever we needed very well w more than 1 clan .using a basic brick and basic PvP group we got just of it and were able to return to hc's w knowledge of team needs. All fought well and I enjoyed it as a small.