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    Awesome power, organisation, determination and spy network causing havoc.
    In my view your early dominance and some devious sabotage handed the victory to RED or BLUE by forcing us to cooperate. However, the shortening of the event and your spy network dented our morale and commitment to strategy and obstructed the process of establishing a firm 2 vs 1 situation. We KaW-ers are a rowdy bunch…I honestly believe we could have put you down to only 1 tower for the remainder of the event.

    I am proud of the efforts put in and believe we came out of this quite decently.

    The event caused much excitement and I trust you’ll have lots of valuable input when you tweak the game. Please lets us know some of the changes you make and your rationale behind before next launch of the event.

    Give us time to prepare before a big change:
    I am fairly active, but believe I was met with the app opening message after the event had started. It took me a few days to read up and decide if I could join or not. The 13 days duration was a crucial element.
    13 days is too long:
    I thought you already had learned that lesson, though there had been an attempt at a 13 day PvP before. That simply is too long for too many of the Kingdoms.
    Breach of contract:
    This is a strategy game. The duration of the event was probably the most important strategic element of the event. To more than cut it in half, with short notice, is a breach of contract in my view. I assume you are a serious company, do consult with your legal advisors about this kind of behaviour. To me it is completely unacceptable.

    Depending on the new format, I expect I’ll be wanting to opt in also in the future. I’d like to establish a fairly small network of similar minded Kingdoms interested in joining me with a main strategy of tower dominance and establishing 2 vs 1 situations. Such Kingdoms would in one event be partners and other events enemies depending on what colours we are assigned. No offence to newer and smaller Kingdoms, but to minimise risk of deception, I’d want anyone interested to get me on PM with their mains and that should be larger and older accounts and Kingdoms that can help me sponsor our team.
  2. Agree with pretty much everything said here.

    Thanks Green, you guys rocked.

    Thanks Blue and Red, was a fun event.
  3. Nicely said Solve.
    Respect to BLUE and RED : it was a good fight!
  4. Respect to all the fighters, was a good time! A stressful one, but good :lol:
  5. Green Team for the win
  6. Why are you congratulating cheaters? They botted the entire event, cheated at the beginning and got a free point glitch. They are pathetic, at least the cheaters are. Blue is the honorable victor here. Green didn't earn their win, the devs gave it to them.
  7. Who botted? Point glitch? This is all news to me, can you be more specific?
  8. What glitch? Honourable is red and blue teaming up in a 3 team event.
  9. Baby rageBaby rageBaby rageBaby rage
  10. Well no one can claim your name doesn’t make sense. I could drive a yacht threw those tears.
  11. Well done Green ,you organised yourselves great and deserved the win,congratulations, the only thing I would like to say to the devs,is provide information before a event starts,if you are given the rules on the run after you have started a new event and people are guessing at choices that the event gives you,or the collection of items and there uses ,plus for all that work to advance on the PvP the rewards were very poor .
  12. Great job Green, you slaughtered me loads. For me I enjoyed the event maybe next time others will be as organised as green was from the start. Eveey attempt to knock you off the top failed. Congratulations
  13. PvP event was great fun really enjoyed it looking forward to seeing it again well done to all who took part
  14. Well said, Solve and respect to Blue and Red
    Tears you are a muppet and didn’t deserve to be in that Blue Team
  15. Congratulations Green. I don’t believe you cheated. As I told my fellow blues the entire event, you guys simply organized the fastest and capitalized on that quickly which is why you amassed a lead. I do think the teams might’ve been a little unbalanced and iffy but that’s just speculation with no concrete evidence. Well deserved win and I hope to see you all in the next one!
  16. Congratulations to red and blue, you fought like demons,your tower strategy was superb! Some may claim bots but I know I sat an hit every one I could, I had regen times down to the second! A fun event,,,kaw still has a roar...greens you rock...
  17. Tears has openly accused an entire faction of botting.he should be excluded of any future events for being. BUTHURT!!


    Congrats to tje champs and much respect to Azure and crimson.You both gave me pvp hits beyond what i expected..tyvm
  18. Great event,3-4 days next time?,more teams?no cap clans?
  19. Congrats green. I forgot how much fun it was to war. I like the dual tasks, ko and towers. Kept it interesting. I do have an idea. Maybe you could implement when ko happens its for both battle wound and time out from building or attacking the towers. The rewards were kind of non existent. I think most can say we don’t need trader tokens.

    All in all not to shabby
  20. It was fun, time to build towers now . Moonface!