confirmation for ally hires

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  1. I don't understand what's is so hard in adding a confirmation step when buying allies. Scrolling though the list it is very common to hit hire button accidentally. Don't think it is a hard thing to do. Just like when dropping ally there is confirmation screen. Add one before hiring ally.

    Thanks a lot
  2. I think it would be better if there were a confirmation button for the hire button on someone's profile. That's where the majority of my ally-hire mistakes have come from.
  3. Then who would buy my crap allies?
  4. Support, about half the allies i own ATM r accidental hires
  5. Support

    Unfortunate this is not a new idea - many (including me) have requested this feature but devs dun see a need to implement it.
  6. If it has a toggle it is a good idea if not then it's a problem in volleying and when you need to bank your gold in wars.......
    Or maybe just hire from his/her profile.

    I even have an accident hire from his/her profile actually xD I was in forums when I came back to his/her profile I thought that I was looking at one of the newbies in wc :p
  7. Heres a wild idea stop scrolling on the right side of the screen and scroll on the left side. Bam fixed your problem
  8. Would make a volley a nightmare.
  9. I think it would be better if there was a self destruct button next to forum posts so that i could decimate the devices that these repetitive ideas stem from.
  10. Agree. Make it a toggle/setting for the user so quick ally purchase when u need it and a safety net when u are window shopping.
  11. Devs apparently don't wanna implement this idea. Probably because there is no money involved for them
  12. Accidental hires have always been an amusing point in Kaw, the amount of OSF's bought accidently back in the space bar spamming pw days was hilarious! 

    Sadly I never had enough gold out to be able to make those mistakes, as for accidental hires, do you want an 'are you sure?' box before you hit another player too? You know, just in case you should accidentally hit another player?
  13. Happened to me a couple of times.Very risky specially when i m drunk.
  14. Devs not getting any money from this so don't care