confirm-button for allie hires

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  1. It happened again:

    I came home from work, falling on the sofa and was browsing for good and active allies. Suddenly my little son came, climbing over and around me und pushing my arm by mistake in the wrong direction. BAM - i clicked hire on an inactive junk-allie. Again . 500B wasted.

    I know this isnt a new idea but still i think it would be really cool if you get asked again if you really want to buy the allie. Im sure hundreds of Ts have been wasted by unwanted hires. Me alone lost about 2T by doing it during my kawreer.

    I know its always a good laugh for your mates if you tell them but i would prefer never ever doing it again anyway .

    Anyone with arguments against it? Please post.

    Cheers ️
  2. SUPPORT 
  3. No support- however maybe a toggle in settings too turn this function on or off as with game sounds could work. But as for a blanket option no.
  4. Sorry for you Low 
    If it can turned on or off, think it cud be very useful.
  5. Good Suggestion!!! This would be awesome.

    Thx row ️
  6. So what happens when you accidently hit confirm when you didn't want to? Are we going to have to confirm the confirm?
  7. Wots an "allie"
  8. For real this should be a thing 
  9. Well. The possibility definetely exists i admit. But i guess a confirm button will drastically reduce accidently allie-hires. I would appreciate it.
  10. Feel ur pain, Low! Have done exact thing few timez myself... SUPPORT
  11. I agree. This happened to me twice and I was not happy. With time the pain subsided but a confirm buttom would be nice.
  12. I have fat fingers with a mind of their own too support !
  13. Dont be ridiculous. First you would need to enter your grandmother's maiden name. Then confirm the confirmation of the selected confirm.
  14. What happens if you accidently enter your grandmothers maiden name? 

    No, serious: Now its just 1 click. I find thats really unsecure. I would agree though if anyone would mention that its just a Part of the game. But its a Part that i dont like pretty much . Thats why im suggesting it.
  15. Support,support,support thats a triple support rite there
  16. The thing is, is that the devs already know.

    Im coming up on 3 years and i remember this brought up back then and pretty much steadily since about every 2-3 months.

    We're not going to get it so might as well joke about why we wont be getting it.
  17. Lurk wc.find allies there. At least you can confirm they ate active and won't accidently hit hire
  18. Thanks all️

    True word!

    Hmm. Avoiding to use the pre-installed "hire more allies"-section is probably a decent solution to minimize the risk of unwanted hires, yes. But its only a compromise for a lack in functionalety that could be easily fitted. (At least in my opinion).