Complaints and suggestings for war system

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  1. Hey! Just wanna take the time to write as a very loyal but extremely frustrated payer of kaw. Since I started I have been told grow grow grow. That's what the game is about or at least that's what I thought. Grow and war I have had good years doing so, but now it seems times have changed and a LOT of people in the game have become mad. The reason being that we have spent $$$. Money that could have gone on other stuff but we really enjoyed this game. And now that we have grown GH and sh have taken over. And personal I feel are killing this game. Really I'm trying to be honest when I say people aren't going to keep paying $$$ to keep growing accounts when GH is obviously the way to go and they are cheap. So what I'm saying is there should be more rewards for people who actually grow an account instead of rewarding people who exploit the system and use tiny account. I ask for your help and for you to please write back this is really a bad situation whether you believe it or not. Thanks for your time.
  2. I've never warred, so I'm in no position to comment on the war system.
  3. Just like GH they need to get rid of SH, and replace with leagues, etch league vary from strength and have their own equipment. So it'd encourage more growth and more preticipation from bigger players and have less no matches lol an idea not solid but it's my two cents ️
  4. No supporto
  5. You've got my support! Those that work hard should have some kind of benefit in wars!
  6. I fully support!!!!!! Your right!!! The more you grow the more rewards you should get.
  7. Nah, you all complained about GH's. The birth of the SH only happened because of that and honestly it's great. As a GH I could never hit a 18mcs player but because of all your complaints and RH ingenuity we got SH's 
  8. I support and concur. There should be more benifit to growth
  9. Support CT .
  10. Well if u r tryin to say that only bigs dish out cash for the game u r wrong. I put plenty of money into this game because i enjoy it and jus because i dont grow in stats doesnt mean there arent other ways to grow, (bfa) which is a never ending feat or so it feels, my money also goes into xstals for wars so being big or small has nothing to do with the amount of money one puts into this game for their enjoyment. Since I started this game I was never told to grow, instead was quickly shaped into a Gh build and have been Gh/Sh ever since. Ur build is ur choice. I dont like being small in stats but it is my choice to stay this way as is urs to keep growing.
  11. Support Crimson :)
  12. Why SH? They grow at least. AM I RIGHT, GHs ?!?[/size[
  13. Bbcode fail.

    AM I RIGHT, GHs ?!?
  14. Put a cap on hit range. 2mil cs hitting 12mil cs is insane. Plunder difference between the two hitting each other is astronomical. Has ruined ee imo
  15. Maybe a 5mil cap on hit range. 5mil above or below you is your range. Let's all build sizes enjoy ee. Hence more players will do ee
  16. Tinkerbelle is EE noob 

    Btw, tighten the hit range.. It's insane...