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  1. Okay so you might've seen my retirement thread (most likely not) but I signed in today after a small friend of mine on here expressed disgust at the newest update. I came to check it out and see what's what.


    You've now reached the level of money grabbing that call of duty resides at - where you don't actually listen to players, but instead look for ways to maximise profit before long term players become bored and move on due to a lack of change.

    Now, allow me to talk about this update.

    T7 Upgrades
    Now this irritated me the most. You've taken the finish flag from the end of the race when most were only half finished, and you moved it an extra 3 miles forward. The runners are frustrated, and you've lost their support. They don't want to run the race anymore. Only those that had a huge lead on the others keep running - why should they care about the rest of the participants? They won't speak out, instead choosing to continue the run.

    Almost nobody was ready. 90% of KaW haven't even started the damn abyss. Doesn't this ring some kind of alarm bell? Or maybe it does but you simply don't care anymore. If you're gonna do this, slash T4. Slash hoarfrost. Give some gold back. Rebalance the playing field for everyone.

    EB Plunder Increase

    Now I've grown lazy in my retirement so I'm going to blatantly steal Rusted's fancy graph here:

    Look at that lovely spike. The spike that's totally inaccessible to every new player, who are instead stuck with the mediocre looking middle bar. The payout increase isn't all that noticeable when pitted against the costs of upgrading nowadays, especially at T4L4 level. Not like most newer players will even notice the difference due to the total lack of allies for sale below 1 billion gold. See the issue? There's no way to get a foothold even with the new player bonuses.

    Season 5

    Well that was actually pitiful. You've had 8 months and all you can manage is "we've not actually got anything to tell you because we've been busy making events instead of thinking of war". Not even an idea of what wars will be in the season, nothing. Bravo. Kingdoms at war my ass.

    Weekend Promo

    Same **** different day really. Not like anyone really asked for this but hey, guess you needed something to lower the number of reset accounts today.

    That's the rant over with. I'm too lazy to continue but I'm sure the Devs will continue to milk their cash cow until it dies of exhaustion while I'm gone. Or maybe they'll finally listen. What a preposterous idea.
  2. OP is always first.
  3. Please leave again, no one needs or wants another noob spewing garbage

    The payout may not be perfect but it's a start and imo it already looks pretty good

    Everyone complains that there is no way noobs can become bc, well now ata has evened out the playing field by making it near impossible for everyone and really who cares that they made another promo, do you really think it's going to affect how many seals/horns are bought by that much???
  4. I hardly think devs are bothered about a retired players opinions.

    Leave it to those of us still playing.

    And as always.

    RESET OR BS !!!
  5. Simple fact here is they want the whales to keep playing, so they give them something, while I find the new T7 upgrades unnecessary at this point in time, the plunder increase was necessary
  6. Why does this bother people? The few times I was bc it got kind of boring. Why is having something to shoot for so angering? Bill Gates has $10B...awww damn I'll never get there so i will just quit trying and live off a steady diet of government cheese and live in a van down by the river. :(
  7. Terrible analogy. You can't compare something as complicated and complexed as life to KaW.

    People can just turn this off with no consequence

    If you don't pay hundreds of dollars a month on KaW you are considers a peasant. I've seen you guys use that term time and time again.

    If you don't spend hundreds of dollars a month on KaW you aren't deserving of top notch service from support.

    If you don't spend, spend, spend your value to the commutiy in the eyes of KaW is lesser.

    Are you a peasant or a cash cow? Paying for virtual goods that pixelate your time. Tethered to your devices as a empty shell of a flesh. A place were your value is based upon your spending.

    Hardly a civilized community.
  8. Your mom loves my analogies and you're can't compare something as "complex" as kaw to life. Got it backwards bud.
  9. I don't understand complaints tbh. It's been9 mo since I restarted and I'm doing fine
  10. I think being entertained by watching what the devs do next is why I just kind of stick around day after day.
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