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  1. Sign me up
  2. Signup closes in almost 25 hours. Be sure to invite your friends. :D
  3. Sign me up 
  4. I'll bite, sign me up please!
  5. leave the kid alone u dumbazz stay his thread post again and well.... you get the idea i hope and you dont like it i am open if u got any nuts.chump
  7. Good idea u pt here I'll hv to check it out
  8. Ill give it a try sign me up
  9. I'm up for giving it a go
  10. I'd like to sign up, just tell a joke?
  11. Bump so people can find the thread easier. :)
  12. Sign me up boi
  13. Here's my joke...I dont have ex's I have Y' why the f*ck am I dating you why am I married again  cheers and thx for the opportunity
  14. Locking per OP's request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.