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  1. Very detailed post. I'm looking forward to see what's coming to add to the games replay value.
  2. Botting is far less prevalent than you expected. Seriously you are a bunch of clowns that wouldn't know what to look for unless provided with the code. Ask anyone who OSWs what the biggest issue is, and my bet is they'll say strip bots, that self pin players when allies are bought. We all know who uses them, but as per usual ATA will continue to live in denial
  3. That moment when ppl STILL deny it but ppl have been getting banned over it RECENTLY videos of the programs have been passed around and screenshots.
    I think you guys should leave the denial stage and start giving us bs reasons as to why you do it. That's how it usually goes, no?
  4. We better watch out Ash, ATA find it easier to silence or ban those that openly discuss the topic of bots than those that use them. Maybe a name change to ANon-thinkingOstrich so they have an excuse for burying their heads in the sand.
  5. Hello. I am -WyTheN-

    I am bored. Please do something to make the game fun again before I quit very soon.

    Kind regards,

  6. @Developers

    Building tokens are another band-aid. You did this as a means of curbing the gap between new players by adding free lowlands, but you also released new lands/buildings in the same instance.

    You're falling into the same pattern, do not release new lands/buildings. The inflation will be even greater and your player base will shrink even more.
  7. I'd say no. Ppl are wasting way too much real money on imaginery things.

    Kaw is stuck on bigger is better. We need better war system with actual means to harm an opponents.

    Besides its not like they used the money invested in kaw to wisely evolve this game. & lets not 4get Future Combat & those who lost money investing in it.
  8. Hello -WyTheN-, i am Roxey.

    Spend your money on a boat.

    You're welcome.
  9. How about 1 day a month everyone is in war on 2 teams? Bank it or lose it or war.
  10. Kinda have to agree, even though a good ll war is fun, sadly the ffa clans ruin the odds of a good match. Making a clan that is set up to lose from get go just for rewards spoils the 'spirit' of warring
  11. This game is over 7 years old. ATA really don't care much if the game goes down or lost. They already made their money worth. Devs rather focus on building new game. New game give them more chance to hone their skills. Few developers left in KAW to maintain. I bet they are bored as hell doing the same thing over and over for over 7 years. Their skills is outdated in 2D game. You think they can catch new and more skilled bot developers?
  12. tbf ll wars became elitist just like previous incarnations of EE wars. The average KaW player cant compete with the super fast pc warriors, so they gave up bothering

    ffa clans are just the latest exploits in EE, but take them away and ll wars will die out as not enough other clans sign up sadly
  13. Support to everything except for limiting ally hide spell and new lands. Until you get a fool proof and reliable system for exposing and punishing bot users, please don't touch ally spell. As for new lands that has as big of a stat and cost inflation from the last lands an buildings, it'll likely be the inevitable death of kaw. That being said it is good to see where the devs heads are in regards to improving this game and it's good that they are keeping us updated and engaged in these ideas before they make them a reality.
  14. Zf warriors is hardly an elitist clan, we roster any family that wants to give ee a shot. We win some lose some, but always prefer a good solid war over roll over and playbdead opponents.
  15. Just be sure to brush up on Google & Apples terms for devs to have apps in their markets. Devs can be held accountable (especially if you have invested real money)
  16. Hi.

    Updating clan notifications would be good. Not a huge issue, but sounds easy enough to alter. When you are kicked from a clan your notification will read "ATA dropped you from KAW".. We need one for entry as well, "ATA has welcomed -Shogun- to the clan".. This will help especially when you tell people not to accept during phases, or even those that don't check stats and just accept anyone would help to catch who done it because no 1 owns up to it, owners can even see what admins are most active.

  17. Lol dude so glad I didn't go to start touching up my updates request list again as I was going to a few minutes ago now that I started being able to play more after fighting with some major depression for quite awhile now..

    Well goodluck and hope u guys maintain this.

    Btw glad to see you respond to one thread made randomly for christmas instead of an update list thats been around for years that you've never paid any mind to. Did ATA hire more caring developers all of a sudden? Such shock..
  18. Best idea yet?? NOT! I don't like warring on my phone. To limit the PC user abilities somehow (which you do not list, or even hint at) is a form of discrimination. Also to "assume" everyone has or is capable of using a phone is thoughtless on your part. There are disabled KaW players that are only able to use their special PC to play. Think ideas through before spouting off that your's is the "best"
  19. Personally
    This doesn't help me but mayb others

    Old equip cost to upgrade should decrease as newer equips with better stats are released
  20. Look up top hte times and you can catch a handful of lbers using bots to do hte trains. I often see a lot of sub 2 minute htes done with 2-3 people.