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  1. 7-10 steals in 1 second fast? Don't think so lol even at work while on Mac and the fastest business internet available in the states I can't archive such speed for some reason. No wonder kaw is lagging..when I got bunch of accts dumping each 3-4 full bars on me in a matter of 30 seconds


  2. Support
  3. This exactly. I've been saying this for a long time.

    The state of the game is largely due to lack of planning on the devs part. Until they consider the game as a whole, nothing will change.

    Release of new lands may be good for players if you only consider players on their own. But in perspective of the whole game, it won't be helpful. It effects so much more than single game play.

    Disappointed to see devs aren't thinking of many clan based ideas to work on.
  4. Ha ha kaw no more! Retiring when new lands come out. Yup means dropping build and everything. Good luck to those who will keep playing.
  5. Updates all sound interesting, was a nice read.

    More resources on kaw = that terrible car game and Smash tanking. Not good for ATA in a business sense but great for kaw players.

    Maybe i misread but it sounded like the new lands were not going to be more powerful than the latest ones but be more intermediate? If they had a strong ratio of plunder increase vs build cost that will speed up the grind for the rest of the game. No-one can have a problem with that.

    The new Legends thing sounds great too, looking forward to it.

    Good work, devs
  6. You misread lol
  7. Is there gonna be 2 currencies when I hit EB.. tokens and gold
  8. Add taxes for allies lol. They lose 5% a week
  9. Urgh i totally misread!

    Maybe i got that from a different thread. Anyway, a smaller set of lands to bump plunder for later abyss etc lands is maybe one idea to close the gap or at least speed some people up so those unlocks come a little quicker.
  10. Spy actions are untrackable, if its in lowland and you are leaking steals chances are your name was called and the ehole roster is on you not one person lol
  11. Was talking about osw swift lol spy actions are trackable especially if I'm sitting there watching my nf, taking names sorta speak lol But I've tracked troop actions in ee as well. Makes me wonder how opponent's fb goes down from full to zero in 2-3 seconds
  12. Ata ruined this game by not planning anything ll have been forgotten about all they had to do was instead of release abyss lands go add new buildings to ll and instead of re leaing airlands add new buildings to hl then release abyss and so on. If they would of did that many players would still b here.
  13. Will you be making more quests? Also is there a way to shorten EB start times?
  14. Thanks, it's nice to see you are listening. Even if everything can't be fixed/solved, getting some things changed is better than nothing!
  15. How about make the building tokens a ultimate reward from event chest rarer the (legendary).

    Add a daily sign-in bonus and make it like day 1 health crystal (1), day 2 silver bars (100), day 3 nobility (10), day 4 250 event items (if event) if not health crystals (2), day 5 silver bars (500), day 6 health crystal (2), day 7 lucky chest (1) (has a random reward with chance of building tokens).

    And increase the above drop rates at the rate of 2x for each consecutive week. For example: day 14 lucky chest (2).

    Also make it a bless of the gods drop from all epic battles this will have the lowest chance of all drops (chest or otherwise) and is entirely random.
  16. Shortening wait times doesn't speed up regens

  17. I actually really like that idea. It'll encourage new and small-medium build players to log in every day and help grow a but faster with those silver bars.
  18. Many cowards have been cheating for years. Where is the fun in that?
  19. Limit the PC version of KaW - make certain things not available to do on the pc version of the game. Everyone has a phone these days -
    change the pc version of game and most issues raised by ppl in all areas of kaw will be solved idea yet
  20. Blazey it doesn't take many attacks for a hansel to dump on a hybrid Caus they lose more troops so that alone makes it a lot faster.
    Plus to dump troops on PC literally takes 2-3 secs anyways, I've done it several times. That's the advantage hansels have over hybrids.

    But Devs have made it fair for hybrids because from only 1 regen troops, hansels are able to leak 5 attacks which is supposed to be impossible. Max we should be leaking from 1 regen troop is 2 attacks but if multiple people are spamming 1 persons regens, they can get 5 attacks in.

    Furthermore, some people use puffin to dump troops which I've tested allows 2-3 attacks per second.