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  1. I like Vix's suggestion of limiting pc access. From what I understand, most if not all of those bots are pc scripts so maybe that is a solution devs should really look into. I sure hope they do that before taking hiding spell away, or before limiting it, which defeats the purpose even for ee. All one gotta do is to ss allies of all regular ee'ers. There isn't many out there, now that the player base is as small as ever lol

    Maybe get rid of pc version completely. Those pc Alts only mess up ee wars anyway
  2. Couldn't have said it better, Blazey. Lol
  3. :lol:
  4. I am bc, lb and I am part of a mid to biger size clan with other lb/bc members. None of us is excited about new lands, contrary to other's believe that bc/lb players want new lands or at least don't care. We do. It effects too many aspects of kaw in a negative way. It effects our smaller members greatly. It effects our ranks because there's at least 3-5 players quitting after each update. Gold inflation, hit ranges, gaps, ebs that clans can run. It effects clan loyalty on enormous level. Bigger players don't wanna be stuck in clans that are doing rowb at best but smaller players can't win on higher tear ebs that have good drops ratio. That gap kills loyalty and the very important and huge aspect of kaw that the social aspect is. After I bc I try to help my clannies by buying their allies, so they can upgrade. But there's only so much I can hire due to ally slots limits and due to little gold smaller players earn vs the cost of upgrades, and other reasons. Premium ebs like hte goes way too fast to be worth the money - again, due to size. Make zta a permanent eb? Equals major's all because of lands that devs keep throwing at us. Nice post and all Charlie, but the priorities on there are a bit off. Put new lands aside at least for now. Ur limited resources should work on widening player base instead of killing off what's left. Kaw has always been a social game. Some of us stuck together for years, no matter how much money one or the other can spend to chase bc. Clan loyalty needs to be improved, not steadily destroyed. I also hope this post is a little more than your plan of visiting clans to get more familiar with game, that never happened from what I understand
  5. Oh boy  can you imagine how my players would get upset if they did this - SUPPORT though bring back reset !!

  6. How about explaining how my full front page and some back page allies get hired if i slip and miss rehiding, even if not shown for 30 sec. Or how in the 40second window there can be well over 800 steals against my account. Could also let people that you are one of the people i converse with right after i pin.
  7. Why was it even removed? I want it back as well.
  8. @Blazey totally agree with everything you said.

    New lands at this current time, its not what majority of bc want at all. We want to see our smalls and mids not grow disheartened. Lots has been done to try help people earn more gold to grow, but its not enough.

    Rewards need a serious looking at. the sb rewards are a great idea but really not enough to bridge the gap. BC people dont chase events for the sb rewards. There are many with Q's in allies. You could make sb rewards 20T for the 2k tier and still for bigs it really isnt going to make a dent when you have a Q in allies. however for a small guy that would be a huge difference for their growth. and help bridge gap and keep up their participation and keep up retention.

    hope rewards get severely reviewed :)
  9. you know we have a lot of people that can steal you - its really not rocket science. We know no matter what time day or night we only have 40 secs max to steal you. So we have this really amazing gadget called alarm clocks ;) you set a time to wake you up and boom we all wake up and steal <3

    also if you gonna hire off hidden owners or hire active allies that are our friends - gotcha lol

    love how you arent denying your window though perhaps you can enlighten us how you do it ;)
  10. Hello, I am sky.
    New lands today pls.
  11. Top 500 isnt even bc and you're adding new lands.... Makes sense, K
  12. Lmao @sky. Literally lol.
  13. I guess if u thinking singularly, and not really much of a forward thinker, then u wouldn't mind having something to do like chasing new bc. I'm selfish but not that selfish lol people I play with made this game fun for me. I quit for almost a year because after starting to play a farming/pvp game as it used to be, I eventually got bored with ebs and events and all, but the friends I made here ended up making me return and play kaw again. We managed to balance osw and fairying this far, because we had to. It's been years. Only two pro's I personally see about new lands are: some extra income for ATA and some bored fairies will have something new to do for couple weeks until they bc again lol But in the long run too many things are effected majorly and permanently on the very negative level..

  14. Vamp I explained this already lol we have huge numbers stealing with UA. If you ever try stealing a FB on your phone, it doesn't even take 30 secs to get FB steal done. A FB with ua is usually about 30-35 ish steals from one person, sometimes only 25 but you get the point. Now multiple this with about 50 people all stealing at once and the biggest LB throwing attacks. We should've got way over 800 steals tbh but lucky you.
    Your allies were huge so they were easily hired and you lost a whopping 2Q+ in less than 2 mins

    And I'm not saying your pin is automated, even though it used to be for a long time until numerous warnings, and I know you're usually in my pm after a strip but do explain the magic how you self pin and log in all in 40 secs at any random time during day or night. 

    Also don't take it to personally lol. Personality wise ur probs the most decent person there 
  15. Let's just settle on everyone making the playing field even? And hope devs take care of it? Just cos it wasn't fixed for so long, It's probably too many to ban now lol may kill the game faster than new lands :O I've watched strips like that on me too many times, out of curiosity. When I see same person running 3-4 bars in a matter of 30 seconds I don't care how many players enemy has on standby for my strip. There shouldn't be a way for someone to run 7-10 steals in 1 second. It's humanly impossible.

    Same applies to ee. Players dumping fb of troops or spies in literally 3 seconds. Pure magic lol
  16. Clan, more clan things
  17. Do not need new lands yet. Stop trying to keep leader board happy.there is more play kaw than them
  18. My phone doesn't even refresh fast enough for me to hit twice a second. 

    If the devs micro bot finder only saw a few number of players who are botting, then they are either looking at the wrong players, not expanding their search large enough, or their bot finder is a dud.

    It's an issue I honestly do see ever being resolved.
  19. people can be fast on pc, no pots etc, good connection

    but its not even playing field when us device peope have to deal with lag .

  20. For some reason i keep getting an error trying to quote vixen, so in response to how do i pin so quick and hiring from hidden owners...

    You know i very seldom ,if ever(my fat ass fingers) hire off hidden owners as i give you crap for it often enough.

    You are also one of the people i converse with right after pinning. I play this game on a device called a cellular phone, which recieves calls from my clan/alliance members when the see something tgat isn't quite right when checking on my account. You arent open much longer than i am, maybe im a lighter sleeper? Maybe with less accounts to check its less time consuming? I couldnt tell you, i just know i get calls/texts and i pin on eb or inc usually.

    There explained how the process works.

    Still unsure about how the inactive back page allies get found when i don't hire from hidden owners though. Maybe if i checked out that website you mentioned earlier that the hide spell was changed to combat. Seems like as long as i keep my allies hidden and dont let them show, the change is doing a pretty damn good job. But I've also never been to site so no clue how it works.

    Also uzy, my pin was never automated, i explained to devs via email, just like i did above, have always pinned from phone, and unless i was out getting totally wasted, im a very light sleeper whith a loud ringer.