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  2. A few things:
    Fist hide Allie spell is integral part of OSW. As it's been said bot strip protection killed OSW for me personally. If you can't hide your allies you won't have them unless you bot. And the worst part is how many clans are actually doing it. Which is why most players stick to ebs now.

    Second, new lands will not kill game and it's not killing game. Your complaining cuz your not BC and your playing catch up. But what do you do once you reach BC? Go OSW? Of course not because bots run wars. I do feel however that it may be time to decrease price again on HL and HF as they are worthless stats/price and most people only unlock to HF 15 to get abyss open and never return to HF.

    I have more but I'm working so this will have to be it for now.
  3. Either get rid of the hide ally spell or make it to where you have to go a certain amount of time before you can activate it again. Stripping is a huge part of osw and many cowards have been hiding their allies for 6 months straight. Where is the fun in that?
  4. Leave ur alliance, i'll show u wat is fun. trying to be pro smart pvp lover. Think of what u are without ur clan. If u really wanna strip those lbs keep eye on them y u want help from devs if u really are a PRO.
  5. The sense of fear in these zafties and invictus nubs over losing fake gold already is amazing xD. Get over yourself, it's a war game!

    1000% Support to limit or remove the ally hidden spell. I'd love to see it gone! So many more people gonna get stripped Muhahaha!

    Daily strips!  Hourly strips!! All night strips!!! 

    Strips till you aren't down to mp and even more strips until you can't get back to mp and have to wait till event ends muhahaha

    Let's get ready to rumble! 

    P.s Make the cost to Bc 10Q so I can unbank and instant BC  <3
  6. my two pennies here

    Putting in the changes to hiding allies was meant to be a solution to data scraping and the notorious website where you can spend monies and get ally lists

    except that website is still going and hidden allies hasnt stopped data scraping and ally lists, all its done is stop showing owner, people still hiring allies.

    The negative effect is its killed the fun outta osw and strips are an integral part of osw. Currently there are roughly 70 lb involved in osw - its not just eb fairies who spend in this game.

    So tackle the data scraping and botting and cheating and account sharing and TeamViewer in another way so we can have our fun back. also tackles the advantage some have in EE

    Limit the PC version of KaW - make certain things not available to do on the pc version of the game. Everyone has a phone these days -

    hey lets download this new game Kingdoms at War on the PC - said nobody

    change the pc version of game and most issues raised by ppl in all areas of kaw will be solved

    and then limit the hiding allies spell. Make it shorter, make it cost more mith, which in turn will encourage more EE participation too!!
  7. Great plan of action. "Investigate botting". Been doing that for years. How about taking action. Investigating botting is like looking for grass in a field. Don't really take much investigating does it. Simply stop turning a blind eye.
  8. actually there have been huge numbers of bannings in last 18 months just no one can talk about it lol

    but they dont turn a blind eye. i would hate to have their job where they probably have hundreds of reports of cheating everyday
  9. Thank you for keeping the game interesting for so long and I appreciate the efforts in trying to keep the game interesting.

    I would love to see more ee wars. One of the two things I enjoy in this game. Any tournament style or penalty for loses would be appreciated. Just because you war in 90-100% of the wars doesn't make you good or worthy an award. We are not kids and do not need a participation award. Reward the people that win not the people that cast. We all enjoy the game it's why we play it but we all have other things that hopefully we enjoy more. On that note and the other thing I enjoy about this game OSW. The hide ally spell is key to being able to step away. I enjoy sleeping with my wife not my phone. Taking that away will make his game a way of life not a game and that's not what I am looking for on my tombstone.
  10. Didn't your alliance boast about a big strip, in which the target only let the hidden ally spell drop for a minute or two prior?
    You managed to track his/her ally's, then hired over a quadrillion, taking half or more in under one minute.
    Yet use of it deems "cowardly" for you? Lol
    *drops mic and walks away
  11. You're right, Uzy. It's a tap tap game - so drop ya programs. Why so much effort over a silly tap tap game?
  12. I would like to see daily deals and overall purchase being more worth it as I bet 99% would like to see this too.
    Until common sense is return kaw funding will suffer and they will cease to exist
  13. You realise all the accustations thrown at us

    we miraculously get shorter windows on stripping your alliance than the windows you claim you get on us. Perhaps you can explain to devs how this can be fixed for benefit of game ;)
  14. How can u expect a new player to grow in kingdoms at war if more lands and builds happens I mean takes years of hard work to grow and even spending money to grow still takes time, good luck to new folks they won't last long
  15. Actually awesome to see the Devs sharing new and up coming info/features. Obviously not everyone agrees with everything suggested that will never happen. New lands and buildings are inevitable so I'm actually not bothered about that but I like the idea of waiting until at least 1000 players are BC. So many people complaining about new lands peeps who can't even hit bc players, so apart from wishing to bc or having a goal it actually makes and will make no difference to them. I get the argument that the gap increases between players but that is just a natural part of any game. Unless you join a game early in its release and stay with it you will always be chasing more active, spending and early adopters of the game. The key for the Devs is to ensure that there are benefits and rewards for everyone at different levels of the game. I also think you should re visit the lower tier lands Devs, change the stats or put in new levels why some lands go up to lvl 20 and some to 10 is nonsense and actually just lazy. Ok that my bit for now.
    Icey out
  16. And u on the other hand are bc? No? Though so
  17. Totally expected such comment to come from any other clan but veritas/end of sarcasm
  18. If it was only screenshots lol maybe at least prohibit 'data gathering programs' from reading back page allies in seconds?
  19. Ash you're such a hypocrite lol and I love how you act so naive about this, your window has always been 60 secs lol

    Instead of being so ungrateful you should thank dkod and RacheAanne who work ever so hard to keep you safe at night :) constantly sweeping to see if you or anyone in invictus is being stripped :)

    And a huge shoutout to vamp and zafties that are one step ahead of you guys since they manage to log in and pin all in 40 secs lol

    Please explain to ATA how you guys manage this miracle since you know a lot about this and stop acting dumb :)
  20. One started, another countered to even the playing field. Who was first don't even matter anymore. Calling each other hypocrites doesn't make one innocent. Problem is there and only got bigger. As I said, it's not just data gathering programs and websites. There's a new website selling autobots now. Ally store website is still there of course..if u let ur spell lapse for half a minute ur enemy knows all of ur 500 allies and rest assured in due time they will be hired in seconds and ur gold will be stolen with the speed that is impossible to humans, no matter how many of those are involved. There isn't enough players in kaw to achieve such stealing and maxing xtal speed. Hiding spell is the only thing that counters it. I love osw and trust me, I know how annoying it is when ur enemy hides allies non stop, but it's only fair when there's such tools out there