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  1. More lands please.. too easy to bc. As easy as abc
  2. Please just please

    Give people something to be excited about (warring season)

    There is no real competition in the game anymore which is the basic concept behind the addiction level of kaw over peeps
  3. So when y’all gunna do s7
  4. The only reason why this thread is all over the place with requests is because there is no schedule to expect releases, updates, new seasons and etc. Developers of this company, the CEO, especially the Community Manager/Leader, need to find an appropriate way for communicating with the KaW community.

    How is it that every year, while we expect things to occur on a regular Legends/ is fine. Yet when it doesn’t occur at the regular interval, the community is outraged and frustrated. If YOU. And I’m talking to you, CEO. Cannot realize what a big mistake and how faulty the system of operations is currently in your company, find someone who can do it right. Even that means replacing yourself. It is not hard to create a timeline or planned schedule for content. If you gave me everything planned for release within the next 3 months for ex.. I could create something in less than 2 hours. Aesthetically pleasing and KaW themed even. Get your **** together A Thinking Ape. Things are becoming unacceptable. And I accept my silence and potential ban for this post.
  5. Great stuff can’t wait
  6. I have been playing kaw for years on and off and I would agree with a lot of people adding new lands right now is not what’s needed!! Other things like clan events, banks, loyalty and esc will probably do a lot in getting people to play not seeing how far they have to become bc!!
  7. Finish or remove gift option. Has said coming soon for months
  8. Help the entire game make seals work on any eb
  9. You fixed charms and working on the cloning. Can you just fix the war system already.?
  10. Please adjust the 5 crystals for 1 aqua option. It is WAY too outdated, it's a relic from the time equipment came out
  11. Advertising for kaw so we can have actual new players. And don’t say this game is not advertisable. It is.
  12. Clan banks where every clan mate can donate. They can't strip directly but can only use to hire allies from inside the clan. This will give clan have a fighting chance to build and fight super alliances in long run
  13. A not-p2p EB follow-up of The Labyrinth of Zoma and Ghomorax of the Highlands
  14. Why only from inside the clan ?
  15. This and what about gifting?
  16. Can't wait to see stats in the 10bcs range and get hit by those that are 5bcs+ 
  17. Same
    I also can't wait for the charm market to drop once they make it all cosmetic
  18. Wish list huh? Bring back banner events and aqua inferno event. Bring out the gift trade so accounts can gift gold and tokens. Take the 12 item limit out of the trade. Let people trade more in one trade. Sets are more then 12 items and people complain about being scammed. Also let people gift seals and circles. Just wishing after all. This is called wish list
  19. LMFAO.....I guess I should peruse forums more often just for the laughs.

    Musang controlling over 90% na accts hitting eb .....on autopilot....Almost like a set schedule...

    Crying for protection from strips....doesn’t want that alt army cleared. If you weren’t getting railed you would absolutely oppose this proposition Mussy. But alas.....just go back to trying to fly under the radar and maybe...just maybe...we will ignore you again for awhile 
  20. For a failed YAFAILD alliances you should be embarrassed to threaten me. You beg apoc for CF like little girls. I'm smashing you with 1 account you can't even keep me pin. I still wished there should be update on clan alliances like alliances quest to improve clan stats. To enter this quest must buy packs each level so ATA can make money. Also clan bank also should add so can help new players upgrades, clan mate have something to look forward coming online every day to do except hit EB like YAFAILS who run around KAW because they can't handle EB on their own except warbeast 