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  1. I agree this game started to die with the realease of abyss lands many players stopped playing and then airlands came and more ppl stopped playing new players can not come near bc players or even mid players which is sad. What you should of done is upgrade ll and hl by adding hf builds to them smdh well when new lands come thats when ill take my leave. Peace out ya
  2. I don't always quote blazey,

    But when I do it's because she hit the nail on the head. ;)
  3. Agreed. Please devs. No more new lands, can I stress that enough, no new buildings, PLEASE by all means add building tokens and new art to LL PLEASE, do that, but no more new lands..
    Other than that I am glad to see devs doing so much for the community, even at this point, yall nailed it, but like I said new lands would just throw it all in the trash for me.
  4. My thing wont post

    I just suggested
    Daily Goals/Challenges
    Daily Login Bonuses

    Both reward based on loyalty and activity

    I can expand upon the idea if needed (easily)
  5. Leaderboard badges for allies, hits and most valuable
  6. I was having such a good time in my few days back too. Farmfest, chatting with old friends, then I read this forum and saw new lands and it killed my mood for it all.


    16/16/0 op. Doesn't matter, gold, farming, stripping means nothing.

    The hit ranges are too small in my opinion, strips mean absolutely nothing. You can't punishing people by farming them because they can generate the gold too quickly and get max plunder to easily.

    Adding to the ally market won't fix anything. You need to make it punishing. Bring back bombs, make strips worth something. Increase the percentage of gold stolen (not earned) make off system war hinder growth.

    Adding new lands will only make it worse.

    Here's an idea:

    These event items, make it where steals and attacks will take the items away. The player hitting you won't get the items, the player being hit will just lose them. It will add a loss in war and make it better because OSW's will mean a bit more and gold loss from strips will be a bit harder to earn.

    There is a valid suggestion to an issue. It can't be abused because the attacker doesn't gain it and it shouldn't be random, it should be a constant and a percentage loss.

    (One strip could deplete an entire event worth of event items. It will make OSW interesting again and get it out of a rut.)
  7. Limit ally hide spell and you will lose minimum 50 spending players. Its the only thing we have against strip protection bots to equal the field a little. #40second window verigays
  8. We don't want new lands!!!!
  9. Robust new event structure: Legends (monthly content)
    Building Tokens (Gold Sinks)
    New Lands + Buildings (Gold Sinks)
    Inject more Allies into market (Gold Sinks)
    Random advantage / alternate war varieties (Wars)
    Call for player submitted / designer aided events (Off System Wars)
    Working in parallel on quality of life changes (Quality of Life)
    Investigation into Botting (Abuse)

    All of the above sound good except for new land + buildings as I don't think you'll get much positive feedback if any from the community on that one. I would suggest replacing that particular subject with
    Clan Loyalty, roles, a tax system, ratings, advertising, training-clans and more!

    I would emphasize clan loyalty,,,alot
    another suggestion I would bring to the table is releasing the next eb after Goth, we're way way overdue for it
  10. No new lands please
  11. Bob has spoken!
  12. Huge support!

    Thank you!!!!
  13. Love you devs!!!!!!!
  14. support!!!!!!!!
  15. About time
  16. On this post I like many things you have stated but hearing about new lands is discouraging because the gaps are so large between the lb and the new players these days its so easy for them to make gold. I suggest not adding new lands and waiting for it and make Clan loyalty or something else a priority add more features to the game that will bring the ratings of the game up and bring more people back to the game I remember when the banner on Wc was relevant these days you just need to post on wc and u msg is there for 10 minutes sometimes making it so that the banner is deemed useless. It also shows that the player base has decreased so much you use to barely be able to talk in wc and have your msg shown. I hope you hold off on new lands for a long time and work on the other new features that will help the game grow and the community.
  17. Once a month bring back the all of Kaw opt in PvP. It is a war game not a tea party. Let's all hit each other as a community n make a spell for 50 nobs that a clan can cast that opts them out of it. Its a money maker and fun sitting waiting for it to end to jump on them . I'll b waiting if that happens. Would b a great Kaw event. Beef up war equip n issue it out like u do eb events. I said it once I'll say it again its a war game and the devs have gone astray its kingdoms at events. Make a war event for everyone
  18. Having played this game for far too long, I must say this is a very refreshing post by devs.

    More information is better--and most reasonable players aren't going to hold you to every single word said. So this post is quite helpful in understanding where devs heads are.

    Looking forward to the new ideas.

    Thanks for the update.
  19. Sounds like a cool concept and im all for it. I know I'm willing to sacrifice my progress on event to stop someone from reaching theirs. I already stop at 2k items and just farm the same group of targets for the rest of the event every event, this would be icing on the cake. I'm assuming the percentage loss would be different for steals and attacks?
  20. I plan on making a super post on it but I just posted one in response to the new land announcement. Something I feel needs to be stopped.