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  1. Agreed. Everyone plays and spends differently.

    For example, I don't mind buying some seals every now and then to drop at my home clan. And even some circles. But I don't jump out for HTE clans and trains. If I did, I'd be BC too.

    Please don't make assumptions on people's accounts based on a badge and actions :roll: Plus 5 years does not equal BC. There are many other factors to consider. Not everyone plays for growth nor does everyone choose a game style that supports growth, Max.
  2. Let's march from here to april's grind and chant whatever these ninja fixes, come what may.. tap away, tap away
  3. So can we get an updated post with all of the info in this thread please?
  4. I love how i get totally ignored. Lol
  6. Give us new levels to abyss or lower don't give us anything bigger than rai , still playing catchup from my rage quitting from previous land releases weeks after I bc each time. Don't put the nail in my KawCoffin please.
  7. Thats a good idea
  8. There are some great ideas here, I would also like to see no restrictions on the amount of various admin roles clans would like to have. At the moment we only have 3 War Chief positions and 3 total positions which can kick for room ect. Allow us to buy more as a gold sink and to better help clans run during various timezones at our discretion and how we deem fit. Please and thank you for the consideration.
  9. Have building tokens be drops for the lower eb's but not the top tier eb's. The big builds r doing fine so allow the new the small and the mid builds to get the advantage.

    More weekend war tourneys every month or 2 or 3 idc as long as long as it happens.

    Create a new Inferno/Aqua EB for those who need it most. Plunder would be ok but not enough to entice the large builds.

    Make mithril EQ more prominent once again.
    Idk how but think on it.

    Add war to profiles & allow us to dump inventory at no cost or gain idc

    Improve war results by breaking down every warriors inc & outgoing stats etc

    Just a few wishes and i reserve the right to think of more
  10. So reading through, great news on the delay of lands. We do need them of course but we need new player retention much more than lands.

    Just throwing this in mix, as a personal wish of mine, but i would love love steal w/l shown on profile pages. Us osw junkies love our battle stats and wear them like medals, also gives another dimension to stripping and tracking people.

    yes yes to more warchiefs and commanders - we used to roles but other ones smaller are so restrictive

    gold sink thinks been mentioned before but let clans unlock ally slots at a really high price - up to 119 if taking away the uniqueness of IG and Foxes wanted to be avoided

    mith spells - let us buy fun and different spells - and bring back the weekend mith sales with limits on them - people will buy :)
  11. Having building tokens drop from lower ebs is not that grand of an idea because the bigs can slam through those quick to BC.
  12. @Devs, Could you please find more people to reply to these tickets Caus I hate having to wait 2 days for an answer or assistance. *eyeroll emoji*
  13. Simple...BC should be unable to win Build Tokens. Surely Devs can write a script that sorts that? In fact they should favour better drops and lots more Build tokens to small accounts. No way of abusing that
  14. Hole in your theory is big clans spend more time waiting for next eb's & blink & u miss them. When u r big then u can tell me i will play eb's that end in minutes or less for maybe getting a build token i don't need or want to wait around 15mins more often.
  15. Yes, if you're in a large clan.

    Otherwise, you can take a few of your friends and slam through ebs all day long
  16. Build tokens could be limited to all lands excluding Osman lands.
  17. Isn't that hard to have multiple clans set up for it.
  18. No guarantees of a build token being dropped.
    Too much effort & other losses to make it worthwhile in my case & many others.
  19. U forgot Trains take a lot of time & effort.
    Fast eb's 24/7 is HARD.
  20. You don't have to do them 24/7, if tokens are even semi regular then clans can do them at the same frequency they do normal trains and get way more out of it. For free.