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  1. There are a lot of players who are build complete and want them.
  2. This is sad to see. You have lb complaining cause they are playing Farmville in a war game. Devs are ignoring community outcry for no new lands and increased war available to the top lb players. Devs we get that you are trying to satisfy those who give you your paychecks which is fine, but ignoring the majority is not the answer. After all the community already sad we would watch ads to get a nob of two which is money for you. At least try to see our side.
  3. I'm totally confused. They already said they are delaying release of new lands because of your complaining and others. What more are you looking for? What is 'the majority' they are ignoring? Seems to me you're getting exactly what you want....what would make you happy?
  4. Again Mark what about the majority of the community who is falling behind and losing interest due to new lands.
  5. What I would like to see is no more lands where the game can focus again on warring rather than building
  7. No, just the way you responded could be taken as snarky if read the wrong way.

    Also, even you have to agree that a month and a half is not long.

    You also did not mention what updates would be released. I only have building tokens to go off of so please understand my side of the argument. As I did take them into consideration with the assumption that they would solve a lot of issues.

    Though, the issue of OSW still stands. Same as EE on some levels but I don't wish to turn my debate into about EE debate because I know you guys do the best you can with it.

    I will accept a vivid and an under detail response. What spot off system pvp and OSW?

    I'm not talking about shorter ally spells or smaller or larger hit ranges. Neither does much to help the issue.

    Do you plan on addressing pvp before lands? Do you have a plan to make clan and alliance wars (strip wars) interesting and exciting again? To make strips worth something?

    And do you have a plan in place, one you plan on executing before you come out with lands to make it where pvp players don't have to constantly hit epic battles?

    Does legend allow drops based on actions so that one can either farm a target or an epic battle to get drops (this eliminates osf because for easy drops you can hit an eb as well)

    That is what makes me end my fight, if it allows for off system pvp and OSW to survive.

    Because new lands and build tokens will hurt it more than it has already been damaged. If you have a way to help pvp and OSW then I will be game for everything else.

    (Player ran pvp events are not a save all for OSW because OSW isn't an event, it's a war.)
  8. I have a few wishes
    1. I want devs to stop these stupid repetitive events.

    2. Fix the PvP osw aspect of the game.

    3. I really don't give a damn as I don't even play this shitty game anymore so they can keep doing all the quick cash schemes for you suckers
  9. Wow!!! Where is the patience? He's already said new updates coming and they will be fun and exciting. Just wait and see and then by all means judge and complain accordingly or applaud. Either way let's just all chill a second and wait and see what the Devs come up with. Geez...Lol
  10. A lot? That's your reasoning?

    Tell me the % of players who are BC. Then tell me the % who aren't BC.

    Now out of those, tell me the % who actually want them. I guarantee the number won't be big enough to warrant your justification.

    Again, you are catering to the minority of players. But the game will be thrown out of whack for the majority of us.

    After years of this game you guys still don't understand. Adding new lands to the game isn't just a matter of giving some people some thing to do. It effects hit ranges, ally market, inflation, PvP, OSW, strips, EE and the list goes on.

    You release the lands and then leave the players to figure out how to deal with the mess you've created by releasing them. Then you get annoyed at us for not agreeing with your 'reason'.

    The lands are you guys 'go to' release when you don't know what else to do. It is a bandaid fix. You can put a poster over a hole in a wall, but the hole will still be there.

    I understand you've decided to push back the land release which I appreciate. But only till May? That's hardly time to release new content, make sure it works properly and to address in game issues which the new lands will make worse.

    If your justification is that BC want them then I'll make the assumption it's because they want something to do. Which is fair enough. So why don't you create new content? Find a new gold sink? Why don't you actually work on giving them something interesting to do? Something interesting for all of us to do?

    You do understand that these BC who want new lands probably have a fair amount of gold saved up to BC if not instantly, fairly quickly. So then what, new lands in a month? On your justification, new lands should be released on a weekly basis.

    I'm not saying no to new lands ever. It's bound to happen. That's simply the way the game has evolved. But please consider actually making improvements first that will make the transition of new lands easier and less problematic for the rest of us. Or perhaps consider a different type of land and buildings which has been suggested on numerous occasions.

    There's more to KaW than lands.

    I understand as well KaW is a business. I know you need to make money. And I don't wish to deny BC something to do. But why does lands always have to be what you give them to do? Why not new content? I understand you are releasing new content. I hope it will be good. But I think we need more adjustment to this new content before you throw lands at us.
  11. Mark, I will make is simple. Here is the base problem, War.

    It is hurting and lands are the issue and tokens won't save it alone.

    If you say now, in good faith and promise that new lands get released after war has been properly addressed, that OSW can start to craw back to its former glory, and that pvp can be relevant again and continue to be, then all is well.

    But if you guys are going to ignore pvp and OSW and your fix revolves around only EBs than I will keep on fighting the issue.

    And I am not asking to exclude EBs. By all means keep them in favor, just don't forget that a lot of player like playing a different way than hitting the repeat button. And we would like to spend more time playing that way over hitting just hitting epic battles.

    New Lands and Builds prevent that just like current lands and builds are preventing it.
  12. @ mark. Are you the reason kaw has seen a decline in active players. Wonder how many accounts kaw would have if you would allow resets
  13. I have played and do play a lot of games and so far KaW is the only one that has this extent of developer involvement with their communities. 99% just introduce new changes without any sort of notice whatsoever and if the community doesn't like it then oh well.

    As much as I dislike the idea of new lands, they're inevitable. At least they've agreed to push the release back based on what WE THE KAWMMUNITY have left in feedback. How can we complain about that?

    Some of the new changes are going to be really exciting and some of the biggest changes I think KaW has ever seen. We just need to be patient and let the apes do their thing.
  14. @ mark just quit bro you obviously don't care about the players. Only cash schemes that you can get away with till this game gets the plug pulled like gaw.
  15. Turn your kaw badge into ata bro @ mark.

  16. Easy.

    Because they have not addressed the concern of why land and builds are bad for the game and if the delay is only a month and a half away, that's not reassuring. That is far to soon for many.

    My compromise is if they actually address the biggest problems that comes with these updates.

    Build tokens may help some but it still doesn't help OSW or off system pvp (non-war). If they can fix that, than they can come out with new lands no problem.

    But if the gap can't be handled and if pvp players and OSW clans are still forced to hit ebs to stay relevant instead of being allowed to actually press their targets than I will never be happy with Lands or builds.
  17. Yeah, that's exactly what the update said.
  18. Spoken like a true Mod. Yall are the sheep and the devs are your shepards. Yall never dislike anything mods do. We obviously dont take your opinions very serious with that slimy green. Thats like taking a cop serious when he is against legalzing weed of course hes gonna say that.
  19. I agree.

    However they've had plenty of time to make changes that will improve the release of new lands. It seems to be happening all at once without giving us adequate time to adjust.

    The problems lands create are not something that can be adjusted in a couple updates.

    Regardless, I'm glad to see this thread showing there will be new content and that devs are interacting.

    I hope they recognise we all just like to play KaW and we want to see improvements always.
  20. My read on this is
    1 what is the desired endgame for lb. never ending growth
    2 what focus will you put back into making people desire to war
    3 we will accept adverts in the game to earn extra revenue to support the game.
    These could be opt out for spenders. ( I don't like ads but yes they would be tolerable if they added revenue and gave a nob or two for watching them at a time we pick.).
    He's just trying to say we understand you need the revenue.
    But the players want to be able to compete.
    And yes you have said you will delay new land.
    But that still means they will come.
    There are other options available and no one is discussing endgame.
    20 levels every building ? Heck that's better than new lands. But destroying new map buildings would be fun. And provide more for lb to do. I can see that.
    20 maps.
    Well if you have to do new lands for bigs new lands to help smalls see and grow slightly faster. The lb will have new lowlands in an hour. It won't affect their status.
    But again.
    How big is big enough ?
    And beyond hitting bigger ebs what are those big builds for?

    Reward pvp off system in events too.
    With activity based events all actions could count.

    But when the new lands do come. And get completed. What's next?
    Bigger lands and eternal growth?

    And yes I like many of the ideas in this thread.
    But I don't see a balance for the community that makes this game what it is.
    If new lands must come. Add something to help everyone else too.
    And bot allies. Where did you get that idea lol 