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  1. Devs, please take note of the 95% of kaw that does not want you to release new lands or buildings. A release in the next month or two will be the final nail in the coffin for this great game.
  2. Fellow players,

    Please send this through feedback.


  3. None W Lands Till Summer?
  4. quite interested in the thoughts and ideas yall have on the osw side of kaw. been some time since you folks talked about that. also would like to see worse punishments to inactive in system wars. something along the lines

    1.system wars related to indi wars/lowland wars

    1. inactive first time. warning
    2. active 2 times in a row during a system war you get 3 day banned
    3. inactive 3rd time in a row after 3 day war banned. you get a week or a month or get penalized by removing of gold, maybe a % punishment on plunder from a eb. something that makes it to where people only going to be active will war.

    2.moles: related to system war moles. people who use multiple accounts during a war in same war but 1 account on each side. would like something to be done on that if possible.

    3. would like to see speakers for pc users maybe 5 a day or 5 speakers every 2 days. so pc players can recruit for clans

    4. would like to see maybe better EB equipment. or buffs to the stats make em some what useful. not saying make their stats on par with the events stuff, and not all the eb equipment. a few are still usable to certain players.

    thats all the stuff i think you devs should maybe consider or look into. some of these ideas been brought up by many players for years some recently.
  5. Mentioned earlier & previously before but devs interaction with warring clans would be great.

    Let them join & war along players. This would stop alot of the "inactive" players & let devs see first hand whom is throwing wars.

    Lastly they need to opt in to PvP promos so they can witness the hit ranges & drop rates first hand. Best way to fix the PvP aspect is experience it first hand.

    PvE is easily fixed, tweak drop rates raise gold per hit/payout, change difficulty by X% & poof PvE is fixed. PvP just requires a much more personal approach to get the calibrations properly tweaked.
  7. Lucky fortune key in marketplace. A one off thing u had. How about run itore regularly or remove it. Its irritating my ocd. And remove all the old event items i have in inventory.
  8. When am I going to be able to recall wall history? I've been waiting for 7 years to load old messages hiding down there  as always, this is my only wish/concern to bring to the devs.
  9. After a lot of internal discussion... we are going to delay the launch of new lands until after players have had some time to get comfortable with the new systems we are introducing. This means we are delaying launch of new lands until mid May (possibly longer). Between now and then we'll be releasing new features and making some improvements to the overall game balance. Please continue to post your ideas and feedback to the forums. We thank the community for the vociferous and passionate feedback.
  10. Honestly as a long time player each new land is becoming more of a pain. I want new epic battles, new features, new spells way before new lands. I know if new lands come out hundreds will leave and I don't think it can be recovered from.
  11. For those of us in Kaw that do like growth delaying new lands sucks. Those that only part time this game are the no votes. Those that are really active are ready for new lands. Those that don't every spend any money are the ones asking you not to build new lands. Can't believe we are catering to part time kawmunity while those that are active and steady everyday are made to wait. Lame lame lame
  12. It's always a balance, we are still releasing the new lands and buildings, but we'll be waiting a little longer than we planned. I appreciate your feedback.
  13. I'm a active user, unload hourly, and I don't spend money. It is my opinion that no game should be spent to win. Winning is only a way to win quicker than others which in this case is build complete. If players feel they can never get build complete than they give up. When players give up on a game spending goes down, interest in game dies, and the game itself goes. I simply would like to be able to have a chance to catch up as most would
  14. Just to state the obvious: If no one spent money, there would be no KaW for the "non-spenders" to enjoy. ATA isn't doing this to be charitable, its a business. Those that DO spend keep the game available for those who chose not to.
  15. Boooo to no new lands. If no new lands then you need a good gold sink. Ally prices are ridiculous and inflation is out of control.

    Waste of time if you're bc. Haters come out and hate for anyone who supports new lands. But truth is the spending base is bored out of their minds.
  16. True games need money but will spenders spend if all the non spenders go and there no competition?
  18. ATA Mark delaying the new lands just delays me opening my wallet,it's besides the social cc it's the only other aspect of the app that has meaning for me.I hope you reconsider delaying the new lands,mid May,and bring the release day forward..What does waiting a couple of mnths do to help.
  19. Boooo to no new lands. If no new lands then you need a good gold sink. Ally prices are ridiculous and inflation is out of control.

    Waste of time if you're bc. Haters come out and hate for anyone who supports new lands. But truth is the spending base is bored out of their minds. Wake me up in mid May (or later)
  20. Both really good points, and if you look at those that are saying no look at their overall actions and years on kaw, they don't spend time on this game like us that are BC either, those 5 year plus members that are active are already BC. Or they aren't active as they claim they are