Community Wishlist Response

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Charlie, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Support Tiger Amazing idea here devs this is another reason you made this thread..listen to the mans words.
  2. I really wish there was a xstal timer/counter.
  3. Please disable pots for llwars

    or at least add an "all pots" button, so we can buy/sell all pots at once

    also fix miths pay out system
    mith pay out shall count by your actions, performance, not by your building size
  5. I wish the number of xstal count per 24 hrs is increased from 24 to 50 atleast.
  6. Sounds like Donald trump
  7. Please do this
  8. There comes a point where you don't have any lands left to bank on...

    Plus, there could be a 5% fee for doing this or something, the details have not been worked out yet
  9. STOP WITH THE NEW LANDS AND BUILDS. THIS IS WHAT IS DESTROYING THIS GAME. 5 plus years active every day and no where near BC.
  10. Something's for teach my new players, the forums are good but new players don't know what to look for, me and a few friends are making a tool on the chat app called line, it's a automated information system, you say help and it lists it's commands you say a command, for instance "fighting mechanics" and it gives pictures of the fighting mechanics forums guide, would be nice to have a system like this in the game
  11. My wish is to see devs interaction in game with wars periodically with devs versus random clans. Devs would send an invitation to the warlord of a particular clan for a systems war...don't judge me
  13. Cooldown for the ally hiding spell would be great!
  14. That's what idiots would say. A cool down renders the spell completely useless.
  15. I would like the ability to a range my allies & pots in an order that I choose
  16. No support. Basically it is not a gold sink if u can pay towards it with no fee each time u get inc or need to do a war. Back in the exact same boat as before. Make it a 25% tax minimum.
  17. hi you could do worldchat quizzes where there are 3 colours spells to select to enter for the quiz.Each spell represents your team . 1 = Apoc Alliance .2 = Zaft / invictus alliance & 3 = Neutral clans and players. And maybe do a few quizzes to really test out which alliance /side posseses the most brains over brawn.
  18. Support but i would make it to where u have to have atleast 30% of total cost to invest
  19. Well this is interesting. I don't mind either if dev fix a schedule and randomly chose Clan X against Clan Y. Lock the roster for 12hrs system war once invitation sent where member can join in but not exit from the clan. Triple payouts per hit and winner gets rewards.
  20. Or what about sub menus for defense potions,
    Attack potions ect less scrolling down a long list,