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  1. I prefer this concept for lands and builds going forward

    Currently if I wanted to buy a 12t land. I would need to save 12t first then I can buy the land. Problems with this is if I have 10t out then i'd need to bank my gold in silver bars in order to war and sell the bars off later on (thus losing 25% of that gold when I sell the bars off) or I would not war at all

    Why can't we put the gold we have out toward lands like a layaway plan. I could put whatever gold I have out on the next land/build but it would not open/upgrade til I put in the required gold into it.


    If I put in 10t into the land, when I click on the land it will say 10,000,000,000/12,000,000,000 paid. Once I put in last 2t, the land opens.
  2. That is a great idea brother. Peeps could sink gold as they earn it and that way not be restricted when it comes to warring etc... fantastic idea

  3. Support
  4. New super pots would be nice, they are used up quickly in pvp but that's part of the fun and cost of osw, bring back pot burning 
  5. Yes new lands again cool idea
  6. Great idea.
  7. This makes me happy. Keep up the good work guys.
  8. support
  9. Support. Tiger
  10. Support
  11. No support. This is a war game, and banking should come at a price.
  12. As a returning player it is hard to express the degree of sticker shock I had looking at some of the unpronounceable numbers in play here today. The need for a gold sink is an understatement, however the developers need to cater to the correct audience. I am confident that 99% of players actually need more gold right now, not less. It is the monster accounts at the top who need the gold sink, and giving them more land and more buildings to grow their accounts and plunder more is not the answer.

    What I would do is release a different type of land, something like an elite island where instead of attack and spy buildings you put up gates. Let these gates cost a ridiculous amount of gold, you come up with the value. Having such a pricey building would allow you to hit in a gate-specific epic battle yielding minimal to no gold but dropping scrolls or similar enchanting bits towards the ultimate equipment pieces. I would have these game-changing items be so good that you would be a fool not to chase them, and let the whales here have at it.

    This is end game content,for the top say 1,000 accounts only. This means no smaller alts trying to piggyback onto the rewards. You can also incorporate premium disposables like the Tinker's Gem to sink even more gold, and consider expensive gate upgrades to increase drop percentages. When enough accounts acquire the equipment piece or pieces from a gate release another gate to be built on a new plot on the elite island and repeat. Weeks of grinding for each gate's equipment would probably be a tough sell at first so be sure to drop a teaser for the Trinket they are chasing giving a +billion attack and we will be in business.

  14. This. It's hard enough to cause damage in osw already. Let's not turn it into kingdoms at ebs completely
  15. Incorrect. Have u not seen that new website selling eb bots? The forum on that website is more active than kaw forums lol

    Limiting pc interface is a better solution, if it is possible at all. Most things u have mentioned can be simply improved on phone interface, making pc version not as needed for regular player.
  16. The short answer is no, I have no idea how much interest there is in various EB bits. I do not know the websites you even refer to. However, I have also not seen anyone in forums complain of EB bots. Rather the only ones who raise objections, myself included, are those bits that give one PLAYER an advantage against another PLAYER. Perhaps better stated, the issue of botting that frustrates most people is in the areas of OSW, PvP, and EE wars where there is player vs. player interaction. Not player vs EB. If someone bots against an EB either the clan can kick that player or no one in the clan cares enough to do anything about it.

    I also disagree about the fix being the wholesale disabling of the PC interface. If my experience is at all typical, it would carve off a sizable segwment in KaW. Not the best idea for keeping the game we live going.

    * ETA bits means bots, autocorrect got me again, as did poor proofreading, but I prefer to blame autocorrect. It makes me feel less incompetent that way.
  17. @war-kage

    EB bots are what are used in osw to cheat ;)
  18. I wish for these events to stop