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  2. Devs suck
  3. ^^ support
  4. FULLY FULLY FULLY SUPPORT, My real life relationship is strained because i have to constantly stay here making sure allies aren't getting hired while im in osw and you want to remove or decrease the spell lol i totally agree with this comment Don't want my life acomplishement to be that i was able to recast a spell every 4-6-12hrs to keep them hidden...the fact we can be attacked while we are off is a big issue one that is blanketed with the fact that we at least have a little protection against all our money gone in seconds because we had to "sleep"
  5. Now i make my official comment: I start by saying i fully support ATA for trying to give back to the community of KaW by listening to us and seeing a dire need for change and improvement. First off DO NOT stop or reduce 24hr spell is is 100% NEEDED. I say that with caps not because of anger or misunderstanding but with fear and a massive headache, I know that the massive farmers of this game only posted this thread with the soul intent to negatively troll and make comment after comment about reducing that spell so that they can strip easier. However as a player for years myself, a spender, and someone who loves war and the pvp side of the game myself being in an osw clan and hitting other players more than ebs i still say that the 24hr spell was made for a reason, so that people can sleep and still live their real lives without a fake reality taking over. It is bad enough that we can be hit while we are off-line however that worry and stress is blanketed by the fact that we can hide all the money that we've invested into the game for years "in our allies". This as has been said by most of the people who commented this thread and in almost every single page of it, will only hurt the community thus not bringing any resolution to the life aspect of the game only driving away player after player till the numbers begin to dwindle. You did mention some other beautiful aspects of kaw the stuff that made so many of us fall in love with it like warring and clan loyalty. Topics like new clan roles and new epic battles along with new war equip. These are all great topics and ALL need Improving, i know that you don't have a lot to work with but pls as you do play to get a list going take into regards of the things ive went over and the comments made by 80% of the people on this thread pls work on EE war More Sb for one to balance the inflation that all of these new lands have caused. More sb in all Sides of Rewards PVP and PVE. Again if you want to introduce a new layout in the community do it with ebs Marrox the Minotar still has two levels to be unlocked as it shows on my Android, and some new equip maybe even to work for could be another piece to collect fragments for once you've maxed the Trinket. Goth needs a new level for bc accts so many things so many areas BUT NOT 24HR SPELL. Pls ATA i killingmesoftly urge you to listen carefully as you promised and take note of the requests of the many not the few.
  6. We have been going through and discussing all of the comments and feedback on this post. And we are going to take some more time and get a response out to you guys tomorrow March 16th.

    no response..... is this part of the Underpromise or overdeliver part?
  7. Most will agree about NOT taking away the 24 hour hidden ally spell.

    Chy and KillingMeSoftly both made very reasonable arguments to keep that spell. It's difficult to disagree with their posts.

    After all, you gotta applaud anyone who can consistently keep their allies hidden for weeks or months at a time. And they know there are people watching and waiting for them to slip up and expose their allies. We've caught people in very short windows with their allies exposed. It only takes a couple minutes for someone to catch and screenshot an enemies allies.

    ATA... add more spells for us to work with. Don't take away from us. I'm not even one to hide any allies because I'm not big with bfa. Besides, I've got enough silver bars to replace anything I lose. Even tho, I think the 24 hour hide ally spell should remain in the alchemist.

    How bout giving us a permanent pvp spell?? Not a weekend event spell, but a permanent spell.

    Get creative ATA. Let it boost pvp plunder, drop mith, drop silver bars, inferno/aqua... anything that will give to those that enjoy pvp.
  8. A new EB where you take old equip and somehow use it in the eb? You either get new equip if you put in multiple or aqua/inferno/mithril/SB if you only put in one. Like a deconstruct but better and more complicated?
  9. Hardly my idea you idiot. I quoted vixen but deleted quote by accident and couldnt be bothered starting again. Maybe you should use ur phone and then we are all on a *level* phone-based playing field.
    Maybe you should leave the oxygen for others.
  10. I only agree with the whole sleep argument to a degree. I find it absolutely ridiculous that some apparently don't like being able to get hit while they sleep lol It's a war game and when I stack bfa I except the possibility and probability of losing it. It is my choice and I fully understand the consequences and what it may take me to save that bfa. There's options available for those who don't want to be worried about their allies - go ps or stay at mp. Yes, it narrows ur power abilities in terms of attacking those with bfa, but it's a choice for u to make. However, I do not want to accept the botting issue that makes my bfa disappear in a matter of seconds. To be good at pvp in kaw one needs to be able to strategize, plan, play some mind games here and there, etc. Things like playing possum and all that fun stuff..It's all that makes pvp actually fun and challenging. Strips should be possible, though they shouldn't be too easy. But it also should be up to target to make those a challenge for the opponent. When botting issue is resolved and fully prevented, I believe hiding spell should go or adjusted for ee. But not before.
  11. People still play this crappy game
  12. Dear Devs

    My name is -WyTheN-

    Before I buy another boat as suggested, I wanted to say this:

    It is clear from a parallel thread new lands have very little community support. They are an unnecessary and lazy gold sink just covering up the lack of ideas on more fun gold sinks.

    All new lands do is widen the gap between accounts like mine and the mids. This can only lead to more player loss and a massive increase in gold inflation actually making the situation worse in the medium to long term. I've widely said that the next new lands will probably see me leave and I won't be alone for sure.

    Devs plz be a little more creative. Just find other things for ppl to spend their teillions of gold. New atk/ def pots would potentially work if priced right and make hits more damaging again. The current pots are a joke for BC or anywhere near.

    Also what about small time limited BR like plunder buffs u can buy with gold? Smaller battle cry buffs that can be bought with significant gold etc etc.

    As the game has got older the number of credible things you can buy with gold has dramatically decreased and we now have this vicious spiral of new lands, followed by massive inflation followed by new lands followed by even more inflation.

    Break the vicious circle devs. Be original.

    Oh and btw fix the plunder disparity that you are well aware of between builds before this becomes kingdom of spies. This gap is widening too with new lands.

  13. PS

    it's simple to fix much of the abuse. Reduce the PC interface to purchase only (essential to retain this piece due to the Apple forex rip off policy).

    Your logs may say this interface is used a lot, but I promise you these ppl are in the very high majority also kawing on a device too. (I think you know this already). Everyone has a device now the PC interface lives in the past so creating all your vulnerabilities.

    I know this has been said before but it's the simplest and by far most effective way to deal with the issues.

  14. Can you also look at PVP events? PVP is a great aspect of the game but the PVP events are basically an eb event. The number of hits on tomahawk little_dako etc. should not be rewarded. Please look into basing the drops into gold lost or amount of awards the person you attacked has. Saying your are number 1 in pvp because you spent 72 hours hitting an intentional open ps and stealing an intentional open no towered builds isn't winning a real PVP event but it is the way it is currently structured.
  15. Can't wait for new lands!
  16. I'm firmly opposed to getting rid of the PC interface as some suggest.

    From a personal standpoint, I like the large screen the PC interface allows, the ability to have an open window while at work (minimized when the boss walks by of course), and the various statistics I can see on the PC. Additionally the PC interface is preferred (at least by me) when riding trains (a significant money maker for KaW), spamming the massive item stages on TGL (I hate it when I have to solo those) and redeeming health crystals/buying-selling pots/enchanting items/searching for reasonably priced allies/clan and PM chats/and numerous other "account maintenance" aspects of KaW.

    I would be interested to know what percentage of people play from PC. For those simply suggesting that it would not be a big deal because "everyone has a device nowdays", if it impacts a significant percentage of regular KaW players then it seems unwise for KaW to simply dismiss that segment of its player base.

    The issue of botting is real, but mainly affects that segment of KaW that do OSW, PvP or EE wars. Again the Devs would have a better idea of what segment of their customer base that is. Perhaps when hitting another player actions could be queued, as some have suggested, to perhaps no more than 2 hits per second. But, frankly, I oppose even that idea because quick hitting is a part of EE wars -- and it would soon become Hansels at war if quick hits were throttled.

    TL/DR: I do not support getting rid of PC interface - but a new way to try and combat botting is needed.
  17. Since there isn't any special mith equip anymore, why not let us sink gold into buying mith? Make it 50b per mith for bc players. Some would buy it as they don't do ee, or can't be bothered to do fake pvp on weekends.
  18. If they do this new mith spells are needed, bring back the usefulness of mith and maybe even new mith equip
  19. Agreed onesy. The mith spells now are useless other than hide ally spell or unholy aura. The other mith spells don't do anything for bigger players.
  20. I've been saying for well over a year new pots are needed. And then BOOM the Devs finally Introduced some. However their effectiveness when balanced against BC stats and more importantly the new massive stat equipment we are seeing (don't get me wrong they are cool so no changing the equip stats plse) means the new pots are worthless. There are 100 ways you could sink gold get thinking Devs and let's see a really cool set of KaW updates that will catapult the game back to the top