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  1. Can you fix abyssal blade drop ratio ive done FoD 61 times and no blade explain?
  2. Although I do feel for disabled people and their ability to play or lack thereof, I highly doubt that ATA has the resources like other PC games to monitor and or punish cheating. There are tons and tons of other PC games that someone who does not have access to a cellphone can play. Unfortunately the fact that the majority of the cheating going on is facilitated by kaw on PC outweighs the very minimal amount of people who do not have access to a cell phone to play. So if they remove kaw on PC a few people will not be able to play anymore, but the fact that having kaw accessible on PC is litteraly ruining the game for Everybody those poor souls included can not be ignored.

    Remove kaw PC version. I said it in zero(the moron)'s first thread (where he cried about the ally hide spell) before the wish list thread (where he cried about the hide ally spell). As many others have said, if you remove and or limit the hide ally spell without 100% stomping out any and all cheaters in every form, you will lose a great deal of players immediately and then lose more and more as people realize they have no defense against being stripped while there are people who are using alarm systems, team viewer, auto click bots, pin bots, and websites that get someone's full list of allies (front & back pages) in a matter of seconds, etc. etc.

    Ip ban all cheaters. Make KaW great again. We've all been forced to put up with these cowardly losers long enough.

    "Protection is down, C is working on getting it back up, but it's going to be a little while"
  3. Rip 

  4. Is that all. Took my old account 200 plus times to get that drop. And 250 plus to get the old greaves from the barren orchard.
    This me. Got them pretty much first couple of tries. Just luck. But you can influence with the power of your attacks and damage to eb.
    I.e. If you are an attack build. Don't use spies. Use max pots, moth if you can and the damage per action is not reduced in the overall equation by weak spies. Or vice versa.
    But all eb drops get easier the bigger you get
  5. Hello Devs
    Simple idea here for new builds/lands and keeping older players happy:

    Trade in old useless equip for building tokens

    Thanks for reading.
  6. This
  7. No

  8. As much as I see the problem with cheaters.
    My concern here is that I personally know many players that play kaw in the office when they get a moment spare. Or just players that much prefer playing on PC.
    From home or office makes sense.
    Warring without a PC. Forget it. You've lost.
    Uk vs USA. Their broadband is faster. Way faster.
    The list of issues goes on. There isn't an ideal measure. But restricting many players preference to play will reduce the amount of legit players as much of not more than the cheaters.

    Queuing actions in war or slowing actions may work better. But it won't ever be perfect.
    Too many variables.
    Yep sor needs to be fixed. But blocking players from playing on their preferred device won't be the best solution.
    Having warred with a blind woman that was perfect at time keeping due to her PC set up.
    Another no support for getting rid of pcs.
    Restricted use. That needs dev input.
    But this subject needs more thought for now. .
  9. @optimal chaos, I did already cover the fact that yes, some people will lose the ability to play kaw, and that stinks. You failed to acknowledge 95% of my post though, the bad that kaw on PC produces far far outweighs the good. And with the devs having limited resources and the people wanting to cheat having the benefit of not having to pay someone for their own time, there is no other answer that will cure the cheating better than removing kaw on PC. The devs will never be able to keep up with people hell bent on cheating this game while the PC version is available.

    As far as warring, it seems your referencing fighting someone on a computer while your on a phone? If so that won't be the case, everyone will be on a phone, and I highly doubt that UK gets such better data speed on their phones (if that's even true) that it would noticably impact a war. Serious ee people will probably have to get a better phone, but that's the case with most games you compete in outside of console gaming. Whoever has the best equipment always has an edge. Console gaming however does rely highly on bandwidth speeds and ping times but that is because it uses far far far superior graphics.

    At the end of the day the moral is the cons of having kaw PC version available far outweigh the pros.
  10. I agree, as semzz said, it's either game dies as a whole or few people that have no smart phone access can't play it. If cheaters aren't dealt with soon enough, no one would play kaw eventually. I know I wouldn't want to. Look at the bigger picture. Devs limited resources could go to developing new (interesting and different) events, ee wars, eq, clan ranking sys, ebs, and the game content overall. Which will bring more players into Kaw, keep old ones happy and so on. Instead of trying to catch cheaters, which I'm sure isn't an easy task in its own. Banning one by one is not a solution in my opinion. Doesn't really prevent anything. There always be those who want to find an easy way, those who want to make playing field even, etc. Not to mention banning effects ATA's income, which effects their already limited resources, which in turn effects game we play and content/fixes we will reserve. Best way to fight cheating is by preventing it. Take away the option completely and things would be much easier. It's just far more effective imo.

    I think, if possible at all, limiting pc access is a better solution than pulling mochi games type of scenario. Maybe disable viewing allies from pc, as an example. Idk I'm too blonde to know how all this works lol
  11. First thing. I would like to see how many players the devs think exploit the game in this way.

    The USA gets the better speeds not the uk. You misread that.
    And rural Uk. Forget it.
    I would like to see suggestions from devs that would address the issues you raise. Prior to restricting access to legitimate honest players.

    There must be something the devs can share as to how widespread the issue really is.
    And how many people would be swept aside if such a restriction was imposed.

    Yes I see what you are saying. But I would like more info to ensure that it's needed and not going to be even more detrimental to the community
  12. All it takes is a couple of bad apples to infect a barrel,just getting away with it can turn off players to the app.
  13. I wish to upgrade this harpoon, wanna as that to the list lol?
  14. Real FACT: US has some of the worst overall internet in the developed world. Just saying
  15. We get about 1.2gb a second with expensive internet plans
  16. Jesus, i get maybe 100 MB per second plugged directly into the router. My wifi is probably 60-70 MB at best.
  17. Lol wut...if that came from Trump's website you better fact check that off a real source
  18. Fully support get rid of kaw pv version make war real and not just copy/paste windows STOP BOTTING Most people I've ever met only touch their pc for unloading alts or throwing wars with them. STOP BOTTING, Pc version negatives outweigh positives. STOP BOTTING FOR GOOD BAN PC VERSION FULL SUPPORT.