Community backed pvp event change proposal

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  1. Overall the event was great, lots of fun, there are several things the community has identified as areas of improvement, I hope the Devs read this and take note, ive talked too players from all teams and the key areas of change needed are:

    1. 2-3days
    2. During weekdays
    1. More than 3 teams
    2. Be able too sign up in clan as teams of 10 , get assigned too clan together
    3. All players get locked in a team clan made for the event, no limit on team members in each clan

    1.Have the offensive and defensive item be the same, make teams choose between each but increase limit
    2. Increase overall limit of items
    3. Koes prevent tower actions but not pvp
    4. Separate pvp item from offensive and defensive tower hits (same as 1)
    5. Make it slightly easier too sct and stl ko
    6. Do drops based on hits on eb and type (premium and free), instead of per eb too prevent b2b rotwb for days
    7. Team name colours

    Rewards: if there are more than 3 teams there should be some form of reward for half the teams (just under if odd number)

    Anything missing? comment support below if you agree.
  2. Make it so the 1st place team isnt the only one who gets something out if it.

    If there is a defense/offense component, find a way to acknowledge those assisting in defense as well instead of the purely offensive point farmers. It doesnt have to be weighted the same, but the people who dropped thousands of bricks to aid the team so the big hitters could score should at least get some benefit for contributing
  3. I'll be checking this thread periodically for your feedback. I have been noting down quite a lot of it from feedback through support tickets too!
  4. Loved it wish it was more balanced but o well
  5. I don't think people should be able to make their own teams since there's a few ways to abuse this, I think there should be a sign up period like asw where the teams are decided after everyone has signed up, this allows for slightly more balanced teams.
    I don't think people should be forced Into clans for an event, but devs could set up discord groups for each team.
    To KO someone you should have to get both troop and spy bars down, not just troops. Also don't do a x3 multiplier for ko's, it's an easy thing to exploit if someone has alts on other teams.
  6. I felt being part of it.

    That rewards (team rewards) should be based upon the effort you put it.

    Bricking towers and using shots against towers. Should also give people a chance to get pvp bonus too. Or have a side legend (leaderboard) dedicated towards the players who work so hard keeping and focusing their resources towards the towers.

    Having shot/ bricks drop at different rates from different Ebs. Like, some will drop more shots than bricks or vice Vera. Means teams can use Ebs more tactically

    Personally though, instead of shortening the event. I would increase the event to a month long event. But then maybe have an opt out button in place. Along with, removing any inactives after a given time.
  7. Fun event,3-4 days is enough tho.more teams would be great.
    Bigger clans also a good idea.
    Clan rewards placed 1-3.
  8. Ko should lock you out of both pvp and tower play.
  9. I think, scouts should give less points or no points. Just assassinations, steals and attacks

    Along, with. I like the thought of more teams. 4 teams.

    Along with. I think the amount of teams should be balanced/ rebalanced. So that there is the same amount on every team
  10. On a different note I really like how players get to keep their teams color banner. It’s a good started reward that is memorable and only ppl who signed up have it. So I really like that concept
  11. balance teams based on previous months activity since this event was seriously activity based.
  12. Would be interesting

  13. Thank you very much for the feedback Winston
  14. No support. Not worth leaving my clan for a weekend.

    We are better off with the PvP blitz if this event last less than 7 Days

    If you want that style of PVP events may as well bring back the old school system wars.

    And no support to any PvP event that forces us to get items from an eb to hit a player. Hitting players with no items should be allowed.

    You can keep the mechanic of hitting EBs to get items to take out the towers.
  15. Instead of hitting EBs to get items to hit players or towers how about.

    Items to atk/defend towers are dropped from hitting other teams players.

    Items to atk other teams players are dropped from atk/defending towers.

    Take EBs out of a PvP event. It was just really lame doing stuff then being like "Well, gotta wait for this GOTH to end now due to I need more items to do anything in this PvP event currently.

    Also, since many more people will PvP if they dont have to spend time away from their EB events, could we just try a 1 week PvP event in between 2 EB events? This way EVERYONE has no reason to complain about "oh well, I figured screw it, I'll get rewards here instead of helping my pvp team" type shizzles. I think having the PvP event being a stand alone with it's own rewards would not only 1.) help get more people into more PvP but 2.) take away the burden for many on missing out on other aspects of the game to pvp.
  16. Support.
  17. I thimk it would be kinda dumb too give you items the same way you score points?

    Did you not think of that?

    Also as long as it isnt overlapping with the pvp blitz or nk it really should be fine for all interested players