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  1. There's now a coming soon after Goth, what would people like to see in the new eb?
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    More item phases  especially for the side quests 500 items on any eb takes forever to do maybe 3-4 reckonings to get the 500 you need for some Aqua honestly takes too long to do the same eb with low drops and still not enough item phase to share to get the 500 you need
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    Sure, I guess item phases would be nice, but more specific on what should the after Goth be, and not the side legends. Can't create eb purely for side legends.

    Personally I'd like to see the Devs do something like God Mode in FOD. Since Lotl and Goth are pure Attackinate ebs, and God Mode is challenging.
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    I honestly wouldn't mind a Goth or Lotl BR
  5. After Goth comes Emo
  6. NK 2.0 where it costs 20 seals
  7. More scout/steal bars too
  8. Make an eb that attacks back!
  9. Ugh, it's not just a phase mom.
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    Support, something more technical and not just an eb to tap on
  11. I personally wouldnt really care to see scout or steals, unless they were small bars easily defeated, cuz then your troops just sit there and wait, an item phase wouldnt be bad tho
  12. Type of eb I assume you mean theme. I guess it would make sense to have some sort of Hoarfrost Titan. Given the two previous ebs are related to the previous lands.
  13. If that’s the case then it won’t be a Hoarfrost Titan. They’re probably waiting to release it with the new lands.
  14. There's still two Sveruganti that we need to complete the series. Once that is complete, i'd love to see a fifth battle where you fight the undead versions of the four guardians by using rare fragments that would drop from each eb. Would obviously have great plunder compared to the rest, and it goes without saying that there would be fragments for sale for nobility.
  15. Why don’t the devs just throw in a big fat dirty scout bar for the entire eb as a final **** you to their playerbase.
  16. I had that idea they crushed it eschaton was interesting I'm all for another
  17. Only if they make shards traceable would I support, make it like r.o.d but more advanced
  18. 1000 nobs to open eb
  19. This comment. 10/10
  20. New epic with more interacting. Need new idea where players just don't tap tap but need interaction. Example: A regen bar where sweet spot changes every regen