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    Can s5 give the equip she is wearing? That's be awesome to have that equip for special warring season :p. Or an eb, whichever kaw prefers, but I prefer it coming from wars....

    And also, anyone notice on the current screen, the castle looks like the castle in the game, but on the new screen, it doesn't.... Maybe more castle upgrades? :eek:
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    I'd rather they stick with the Water v Air theme. The equip for that was beautiful. I still think those shoulders are the best design in the game.

    S3 equip looked very cartoonish.
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    Then don't have one :)
    Or just choose an equip that you would like to have :)
  4. The equipment may be Beginners set of equipment that lowers stats. I have been waiting for this moment ever since equient was released.
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    I just entered to win a poster. :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor
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    give us back the original please.
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  8. Oh great, she's even more ugly than before.

    Bring back the photo from when the game was first created! She did it for me. If you know what I mean ;-)
  9. Arkosa is a ghetto ass name
  10. All yall some haters.
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    Can we a view of her backside next time?
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    Bigger breasts please. I don't get up for anything less than an E-cup.
  13. How can i get the sword as equipment?looks better than the rest of them...good artwork...
  14. Support. Red Revolution!!!
  15. Thank you ATA for your hard work! Support!
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    So you have concentrated on art work . Hmmmm why not invest your manpower in making the game evolve and have more playing options.The icon alone won't draw more players to play this game, and got to be honest a poster giveaway ------ REALLY .
  17. The new event page sounds awesome
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    Please shut up. Thx.
    The important thing is that they are putting in the effort. I noticed how the insecure people just demand everything to go the way they want it to. While others work to improve things around them.
    Just my observation.