Coming out as gay

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  2. Sneakbo, your posts do not contribute to the OP or discussion in any positive way, so I'm going to ask you please to stop posting on this thread unless you actually have something meaningful to add to the conversation.
  3. Because you said my name, I believe I can reply.

    Likewise if others say my name (Insert Moonface Here)
  4. Since when do mods care about moderating forums
  5. Hi LegendaryHero, I am curious.

    What is your next plan of action regarding OP and their admitting of throwing indie wars?
  6. I care about moderating forums when OP asks me to monitor it and deal with people not appropriately contributing, secondly on Kasama's point, he threatened to throw any wars in the future if he ended up with a particular player; not that he's done it already. I have reprimanded his rash choice of words, and reminded him that he doesn't just war with certain players, but with a whole bunch who want clean fights. However since he hasn't actually thrown any wars that we know of there isn't much more I can do on that subject.
    I'm quite positive that you won't appreciate this answer and that's fine. This is quite off topic, can we please go back to the subject at hand and be polite and respectful about this fellows choice to bring his issue to us?
  7. I apologise for continuing this talk but if his rationale is that if someone gets on his bad side, he goes out of his way to throw indi wars... Wouldn't that mean he has done this previously?

    I mean who thinks this way?

    Surely there is some premeditation going on.

    You don't just spout this stuff randomly.

    Personally, I think he may have done this previously.

    However, to remain on-topic. I have already expressed my opinion on the thread which was that op should post-pone their grand reveal

    Regardless I must say, it takes a lot of courage to do something like this on KaW, op.

    Coming out as both a lgbt member but also as someone who lacks basic KaW ethics.
  8. There is no proof of him ever doing so, and really there is no logical reason to believe he has in my opinion, he wars with particular people and knows that this comment will likely illicit a response of irritation. I choose to believe is a was intended to irritate particular people in response to particular people doing actions he deems as disrespectful to him. I didn't say it was appropriate of him to do so as it makes him as in poor taste as his aggressors and have suitably chastised him for doing so.

    Case and point, people say silly things when upset. Doesn't mean there is any merit to it.

    Back on topic, OP does indeed have courage to come out to potentially hundreds of people who could tease or rebuke him for his orientation, I agree with another person whom I saw on here who said that that OP should be themselves, those who disagree, shouldn't matter as it's his life and he is free to do with it as he wishes. Those who don't like it, need not stick around as they are not true friends/family.
    If the jocks feel uncomfortable then so be it, there are others to tutor who aren't going to care what orientation you have.

    The twin one is a harder case, being a twin myself(bet most of you didn't know that) I have some experience with this, however my twin supports me on most decisions. This particular situation hasn't arisen because I'm heterosexual, but if I wasn't; my twin wouldn't care.
    OP should indeed pull his twin aside and have a heart to heart, in theory his twin should be the one he should expect the most support from as they should be pretty close.

    My question to OP is if you like styling your hair and doing make up and have piercings and the like, and presumably act in a fashion how has no one noticed this before? Is it purely in private all the time?
  9. "Dressing up" and doing my makeup have been purely private. As for my earings, since they are in both ears, no one takes them as a "gay" symbol.

    My twin has asked me a few times about my sexuality, but at those times I was in no state of stating the truth.

    -this is T-L btw
  10. Ok I admit I have no idea how things are in junior high these days but back in my days if you want to make a statement, you bring along your boombox and blare your mix tape of "messages" as you make your rounds (until they send you to detention)..

    So when you come out, why not go old school abit and bring your boombox (or wifi speakers these days I guess or you hack into the school PA system) with some music to accompany and celebrate the moment?..

    Some high energy suggestions for songs.. (Yes most of them are old or as you call it "classics" *sigh*)

    I want to break free by Queen

    Gonna make you sweat by CnC music factory

    Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood

    A little respect by Erasure

    Boys n Girls by Blur

    And throw in "I came in like a wrecking ball" by Miley just cos that song pretty much goes with anything..

    Huh?.. that'll get the crowd jammin.. 
  11. Honestly, Idk if this is just where I came from but when I was in high school there was a couple people we assumed were Gay and surely enough by the time college arrived they came out.

    The point being, it's probably not as big of a deal as you may think I'm sure your friends probably already know and are waiting for you to come out.
  12. There was a kid in my high school English class that was also a closeted gay. He was pretty chill and good friends with almost everyone. Last few weeks he came out gay to his friends and everyone knew including everyone in our English class.

    Nothing changed or happened. No one really cared and the semester went by. He was still pretty chill and friends with almost everyone.
  13. He wrote 4 words. Not half a paragraph to derail the thread. Lol.
  14. OP ...don't mind coward Sneakbo. He's just hating because he knows he'll never be the man that you are (even though you're in junior high)

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    Plus it's not gay until you make eye contact.

  16. He's right. Kotfe is gay
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