Coming out as gay

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  2. Dear Mods and other esteemed forumers,

    Grave and I promise to behave on this thread. We are in support of anyone being who they are and expressing themselves in a free, just and fair society. ️
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  4. Personally
    I think it depends on the community you are in and the maturity of ppl around you.

    If it's that important - come out

    But if you feel
    - the ppl quit teach will b upset by it
    - your brother will b emotionally upset

    Maybe you should wait

    Maybe they are not ready now but in a couple years they will be ready and will accept you

    I also feel that the ppl you are closest to shouldn't find out in this manner - you should talk to them 1-1. Coming out doesn't mean you have to look or act all crazy - I think for those you are closest to...they should see that you are still you and that being gay is not a freaky thing
  5. Exactly
  6. Think my wife's gay
    She divorcing me for a lady friend
  7. Ummmm this is kinda a serious thread

    Points like that are quite insensitive and makes me doubt the authenticity of your statement

    If indeed your wife is leaving you - my condolences.
  8. I share a similar option to that of Tiger's.
    I have a close friend of mine who I grew up with come out to me personally. Let's call him "Brian".

    In my birth country, homosexuality is punishable by the law. It's illegal. (Section 377) So naturally a good majority are rather closed minded and ignorant when it comes to it.

    As you can imagine, it wasn't easy, but Brian told his closest friends one on one, a lot of them never spoke to him again. Well I might not understand why, but to a lot of them they felt that had been deceived by him and they began questioning all past memories with him.

    Eg: When he came over for a LAN game, was he attracted to any of them or was it just to game?

    Might seem silly to you and me, but if you feel like coming out is going to do more damage than good for you, you should perhaps wait. It's better to operate from a position of power and thought than making a hasty decision.

    Also, behind gay isn't about having a gay lisp or wearing feminine clothing or any of the other stereotypes society propagates.

    More power to you friend. I hope it works out for you.
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  10. Every decision has its consequences.

    If you think that you are mentally prepared for the possible rejection, exclusion and bullying that can follow this announcement, then go for it. I understand this sounds harsh. You should be able to be who you want to be. As it stands though, in some communities this can cause a lot more problems than others. And you need to prepare yourself for that.

    So consider, how will the people you tutor react? Are they open minded? Do you care if they choose to no longer have you tutor them? Will you be okay if your brother finds it difficult to accept? Do you have friends you can rely on to be there for you? Are there are other students in your school that are openly gay you could approach for support? Are there LGBT clubs at your school or in your area? Are there teachers you can trust to talk to about this?

    There will be people who surprise you and support you. There will be people who will surprise you and not support you.

    The main question is, are you prepared (as much as you can be) for any outcome?

    I think you know whether this is or isn't the right time for you. It should feel right to be making the announcement. School can be a harsh place.

    I applaud you for wanting to come out. Just make sure it is the right decision for you. :)
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  12. As long as you don't act all over the top and borderline irritating about it, you'll find that most people won't care if you're gay or not, they'll just accept it.
  13. Attenion seeking threads should be locked. This belongs somewhere like redditt.

    And to the guy directing OP to iG or KoTFE, I wouldnt deny a player admission solely based on the fact they are gay. If their experienced, know what their doing, and dont cause drama, they would be welcome to fight along side me. Just my viewpoint.
  14. Thanks for admitting this - will report do devs now.

    PS: HA GAY
  15. I'm grateful that society is evolving and making moments like yours, OP, easier than they would have been in the past. I hope that people will continue to become more open minded, and respectful of everyone's beliefs, lifestyles, orientation etc.

    This is a major moment in your life and my advice would be to weigh the pros and cons of when and how you let people know. I agree with Tiger, in that those you're close with deserve the respect to be told as you'd have them tell you big news. I wish you the best, and congratulate you in this milestone in your life.
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  19. I made a thread that said I was gay once too and all it got was forum locked :/