Coming out as gay

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  1. Never though I'd be making a thread like this but...

    So I'm currently a Junior in high school, who gets A's in all his classes (AP), and is pretty quiet and shy. I also tutor all the "straight" jocks who have trouble with their classes. However I am a closeted gay, and for gay pride day I wanted to come out by wearing a gay pride shirt to school, arranging my hair all stylish, and doing a few other things.

    I don't really care about how this affects my parents because they abandoned me (mentally and emotionally) ages ago. However I am concerned about how this will affect my twin who has made homophobic comments before. I'm also concerned about how it will affect my tutoring sessions in the future, like for the people in tutoring.

    Any advice kawmunity?
  2. Do what you want too don't be ashamed or embarrassed you're who you are and that's what makes you you.
  4. If you don't feel comfortable and fear it'll cause more damage for yourself or others.

    Why not postpone?

    I swear these forumers ask stupid questions.

    You aren't going to be tutoring people for the rest of your life and you won't affect your twins image if you have left the town/city/village.

    As for your KaWing, I highly suggest visiting a clan called iG.

    They are individuals who share in your tastes, them and KOTFE.
  5. I mean, you do you. I'd say rather than making a big deal out of the fact that you are gay, just start acting how you want instead ((within reason) and maybe privately talk to your twin and some of your closer friends about it instead.
    To me I never saw the appeal of making an announcement about it because in my opinion your just asking for trouble/attention then.
  6. If you want to come out that's great but realize that most of those jocks will not want you as a tutor anymore. I don't see much of a loss in your tutoring because it will show you who the bigoted people are and you don't need them in your life.

    As mentioned earlier, you should talk to your brother first so he is not caught off guard the day of.
  7. If you live in a community that accepts this, then you shouldn't have any issues. You know more than I do, so just use your best judgement.
  8. Don't come to iG, go to KOTFE
  9. Being gay isn't about having stylish hair, wearing pride shirts etc. Those are just stereotypes

    Just wait for the opportunity to tell people you're gay without going out of your way to show them
  10. But TBH, that is me. I like being stylish, doing my hair, etc... I have ear piercings, and I love makeup.
  11. The only people who care about this kind of stuff after high school are the small minded bigots and old folks stuck in their ways.
  12. :p only person I respect in iG is scorn cause he's pretty chill
  13. Support! Be who you want to be and have the strength in your convictions.

    Now if I may offer some other advice, try this hair style (Purple, spiky) and while you're at it, wear some different color contact lenses twitch your earrings..

    Afterall, that's what Kasama looks like..
  14. Chubby give me a crisp high five

  15. But that doesn't make you any more or less gay

    You could be straight and love those things too

    You could be gay and hate all of it .

    Makes no difference
  16. What's that saying?.. It's not gay if you don't look them in the eye?.. I guess he'll have to pass the eye test..
  17. I thought it was "its not gay if your the one that's behind"