Colour Code Generator

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  1. ok...I like this.
  2. Weeee this is fun I wonder how annoying this will look?

  3. Edit: aligned colors, looks good. Cheers OP!
  4. Bump for a nooblet asking me what website I use for colour codes
  5. Ty
  6. Thanks wolfie
  7. I hope this gets stickied.
  8. Support

  9. Wow this is amazing, or is it? Who knows. It might not even work
  10. Great thread!
  11. Thank you Daphnia, but afraid don't allow normal colours in here. But since it's you Daphnia well let it slide. :P
  12. I live to serve.


  13. Maybe I'm taking what you just said out of context...but...

    Nvm :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Bad man!!