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  1. Well after long overdue, I have finally updated the colour generator to a new generator and how to guide. Some of the ss may seem the same but that's because I've not updated them as I don't see the need to, they are basically the same as the other website.

    So first off, what is this witchcraft and how can you get started?

    Well this dark art is possible though this door.
    \/ BELOW \/

    Tap your finger on the door,
    you know you want to.

    (For those who the link takes to a blank screen link is at bottom of the thread)

    What do all these weird symbols mean?

    When you first view the page it will look a lot like this, carful you have the power to do great things with your text here, use caution where provided.

    The page gives a step by step guide within the website, but for those who need a little extra help, I'll explain some parts for you below.


    Within the website there's a few different generators but I'm going to focus on 3, rainbow, horizontal and middle gradients.


    As this suggests it turns your text into a rainbow, using all the Colors.

    Example -
    Rules of Internet 1. Everything IRL is on the internet.

    Horizontal gradient

    This is fairly basic as a fade, as you select two colours and it'll start with the first colour and slowly fade into the next colour that you have picked.

    Example -
    Rules of Internet 2. All your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored.

    Middle gradient

    Much like the horizontal gradient, but this will start with the first colour, fade into the second colour and then fade back into the first colour. Giving a fade in and out effect with the text.

    Example -
    Rules of Internet 3. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

    Colours / Gradients

    If you pick either the horizontal, or the middle generator then you're able to choose two Colors.

    You'll notice when you tap on a color chart will appear.

    Right side is the contrast or dark / bright
    Left side is the different Colors.

    While playing about with the options you get a preview of a sample text at the bottom of the screen.

    Adding Text

    You can either copy and paste text into the first text box or type it in as shown.
    \/ Below \/

    A few pointers about what should put into the box;

    • 1. Any censor words will bypass using this, so think of another word if possible.

    - Warning - Attempting to see this happen would mean the deletion of your post, and also possible ban.

    • 2. Make sure you proof read the text and correct any spelling mistakes and boo boos that you may of made, it's a pain in the ass trying to find where you failed.

    I recommend using your note pad to write out the the whole text then colour the individual parts that you wish.

    • 3. Don't use use bb codes in the color generator because they won't work.

    [b][u]Because BB codes don't work[/u][/b]

    When you have pasted / written out your text you are ready to show off your handy work, it may look like gibberish, but when it is posted in forums, it will look marvellous.

    With davestuff, you'll get two outputs, BB code text and HTML code text. Smash uses BB codes so don't use the HTML codes, because well... We will just laugh at your fail.

    Now you have the POWER like He man, use this power wisely as great power, comes with great responsibility.

    Feel free to test or ask questions about this :p

    dumbies guide to BB codes
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