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  1. Ehhhh hold on. Now I don’t agree with the request to leave thread as I agree that you were not detailing. HOWEVER, OP asked you to leave there thread. Were you not a mod you would be required to leave because OP has asked you to. Correct? Is that not how it works with any other thread or do I not understand how forums work anymore? I’m actually asking out of confusion. It’s to my understanding if OP request a player to leave there thread then refusing to leave and continuing to post is forum banable, isn’t it?
  2. Lol, half these guys never farm anyone. They just like to talk about farming people to keep there options open.
  3. I am ok with this as long as they publish a list of how many were awarded to each player.

    Otherwise this is just another classic kaw exploit that will certainly be abused.

  4. Asking someone to leave isn't and them having to leave isn't a rule. IF the player was derailing and asked to leave, then that's a different story, which is why I brought it up.

    Forums would be more dried up than usual if people could just eject others from their thread simply because they wanted them to. But if the player derails, becomes derogatory, etc then they will be asked to refrain from posting on the thread unless they stop and if they do not then that is when they can earn a ban from forums.