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  1. So what's everyone's take on this new (easily exploitable) feature? Rumour is that farming mods for these boxes is forbidden. Yet this is kaw and we can't farm for whatever reason we want? We can farm for charms, ally hires, apology posts etc etc, yet we can't farm for some box?

    What's happening to this game.
  2. Ok people are just stupid so let me dumb this down for ya.

    You know how your weirs old aunt send you like a xmas tree ornament for xmas and you have to send some letter back so her crazy is ol?
    This is that.
    Theyre nifty looking rewards with flavor text from mods the devs whipped together and told the mods to have some xmas fun.

    Youre complaining about essentially an xmas event.
  3. Since you refuse to read the actual thread and still insist I'm wrong, I'll post a screenshot of the post. :)

  4. They missed the statement just dont ask for a box at ALL regardless of war game or not.

  5. Lol you’re all little fairy’s.
  6. Mei, as you are off topic and posting flaming message I would like you to refrain from posting on my thread again, cheers.

    The aim of this thread was to highlight the issues within kaw, specifically how farming is being overhauled and essentially nerfed from the game bit by bit. Today we can't farm people for specific items, who knows what next. It all looks downhill from here.

    As for your reply Mei, posting a lousy ss of a dev reply wasn't relevant to this thread. We can all easily access the Devs thread and see their various replies.
  7. Nothing about farming is being overhauled.
    Rules to event say no asking for box within any context.
    Devs will enforce that as stated.
    Farm away.
  8. I never posted any flaming message and I am on topic because it is on the topic of farming for a coffer :)
  9. Regardless, you've been asked to leave this topic. Please, leave.
  10. I regret to inform you that simply asking me to leave will not work. If I am not derailing your topic then I am allowed to remain. (if you are upset with this response you can put in a ticket with support to discuss it with them)

    As for your original post, farming is allowed. Farming for some certain items is not. You cannot farm for premium items or furnishings. And with the new coffers added in, you cannot farm for those either. It's just how it is.
  11. Y’all are being extra and weird about this.
    Just farm the mod if you want to.
    Why do you care about the box? It’s just to promote community involvement and ideas.

    In the words of Socrates ~its nOt ThAt DeeP!~
  12. Valkyrie-IV isn’t saying they think the devs told the players we can not farm the mods.

    What Valkyrie is saying is now someone in the player base has an item that we cannot farm them for. That, when it comes to concessions to stop hitting another player or clan, there is an item that can be given out, that can’t be used as a bargaining chip.

    From what I read, the issue isn’t, ”We can’t farm mods anymore, devs suck!!!” The issue is, we now have an item in play that we cannot farm someone to get.

    And it isn’t even about the worth or the value of the item, it’s the potential snowballing effect that more items that can be traded or given away may have this same stipulation in the future. That is the reason for this post. To prevent a cascading effect.

    And to be honest, for good cause. The Developers do not have a good track record in the off system pvp aspect of this game. Every move they have made since HTE was released has deminished Off System PVP and OSW. And from what I can see, there has not been one positive effort to counter it. I would bet there hasn’t even been one effort attempted to counter it but I’ve been away for long enough to not know that answer. I just know the devs habits.

    So yeah, this is a potential issue, and one that needs to be looked at. It starts with boxes now, but how far will this progress?
  13. As this has been said many many times, you can FARM moderators, but you cannot farm moderators for these boxes, just like we are not allowed to give them to our friends which is also forbidden for us.

    If you want these boxes, do something like win in contests or answer questions when we pop them up, top war winners will get them as well or those type of players that help the game even more.

    We just can’t open these boxes for ourselves as well or give them away to players when they ask.

    So again if you have a issue contact the moderator and sort it out, if you see moderators abusing their powers then open up a ticket and supply it towards the developers.

    Again this is something new for moderators to do for the community that’s positive.
  14. Black Eagle, I would ask you to reread the post.. I specifically said that we know we can farm you. Continuing to mention that only shifts the focus from the actual issue at hand.

    Also, I was clarifying what Val was saying in their op. I honestly have not created my own opinion on this matter yet.
  15. There have already been items that players aren't able to farm others over. This seems pretty minor, but thank you for the input. In general, I wouldn't care about a non-NB item being farmed for, but since only a very small subset of the players has these items to give out, it would make their play experience extremely challenging if a large group of people started farming them for the items. These items were intended to bring some life back into the community, not punish the moderators.
  16. Wow ATA nice job standing by your mods, “Farm Away” really?? Lol
  17. To my understanding the mods can get in trouble for just giving these boxes out.... so why should we be able to just farm them for coffers? They’ll just get in trouble. It wouldn’t be fair to them lol if you ask me the rule is pretty fair. Now if the mods had an item they could just freely give out with no consequences and they weren’t limited, then that be a different story. Plus like the dev said, there’s only a limited amount of them. Why would they just set up the mods to get bullied by the community? Or anyone for that matter? It’d be unfair stronger players can then bully everyone if they truly wanted to and take what they want. The game would be unbalanced. I do understand it’s called kingdoms at war, but you gotta have some boundaries in order to keep the game fun for everyone. It’s about the community, not the greedy farmers. Why is that so hard to take in? Lol
  18. My take on this topic? Simple....

    It's a biased idea that is easily exploitable & should have a better means of distribution to award winning players.

    1. Mods have alts & Third party apps. This easily allows preemptive strikes in the form of letting spefic people know when & what the question/awnser will be.

    2. It's limited to "Unblocked players".
    Seriously, how's that fair to everyone? Since the update where you can no longer see a player on your blocked list post Wc. That automatically gives advantage to Unblocked players.

    3. It's purely biased. Mods can catch friends in wc & easily ask questions that their friends would know the awnser to.

    4. Human nature in general is exploitable. Mods have said countless times "we are human". Well that's great & all, but abusing power is something that's occurred more then a few times throughout Kaws history with mods.

    So to sum it all up, while it is a decent idea in theory. Unless you create a bot or use your dev team. It will never be "Fair or Unbias" for everyone.

  19. I mean, this is still a war game. Despite it being completely geared for PvE. Mods are still players at the end of the day. And that means anyone, at anytime, for any or no reason at all, is subject to being farmed, stripped, and pinned by any other player or players that is in their hit range.
  20. I don’t understand why you can’t farm people for something in return. It’s a war game, kingdom vs kingdom. If they have something you want, attacking them until they give it to you seems more realistic than just buying it with rl money. The bias and hypocrisy in this game is repulsive.