Cobra Kai Versus Miyagi - Do

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  1. Cobra Kai for the win and with John Kreese back and being Myagi - Do's thorn in their side :-Team Daniel son stands no chance !!
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  3. I gotta say, your threads are always trash and this is no exception.

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  4. The YouTube series is decent. I'd recommend any fan of the Ralph Macchio Karate Kid movies watch it.
  5. youtube red? you gotta be joking
  6. Johnny is the real karate kid.
  7. There is a vidio on that explains why jhony was the reel bictim in that famus confrontation. It totaly makes sense. Ralph machio was a thug.
  8. Dont forget that ralph maggio cheated using an illegal kick to the head
  9. I am loving how Johnny is teaching his students values and not just repeating to them how he used to be.When he got all angry because they were hitting their opponants in the spots where they were injured and their weak spots.So were acting bullys just like they had been bullyied which is a weak move and trait.Johnny had done this to Daniel in a tournament hurting his behind knee.But Johnny has matured alot since then. But mr myagi used to say " No such thing as bad pupil , only bad teacher " .And at the time Johnny was under the influence of John Kreece . Now times have changed ,and he is teaching his students to be a better person than he was.
  10. Yeah don't do drugs kids or you'll end up like this.

    Edit: Inb4 the leech comment.