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  1. Reset your profiles . Problem solved :p
  2. Our inventory now has 8 full lines of basically useless items and with the next legend and side quests it'll be up to 10 lines,surely a solution can be found to allow us to dump our crap someplace.
    Possibly add a pawn shop to the market place to sell the garbage even as low as a gold piece for each item.
    It's getting to the point that you do not know what you are even collecting with this much clutter,if the development department can't fix it why keep keep putting out these legends.
  3. I relate with this so much.... when I look in my inventory for event chests/items, I try looking for something I don't recognize. But even then, it still takes some looking around to even realize what's new in my inventory....
  4. Ata has already said they're working on something. Try to keep up
  5. Same here & with more legends it's just going to annoy the many who are already annoyed even more...18 out of 44 misc items i have are currently useless on a fairly new acct, atleast make it so newest items always stay at the top or put it into alphebetical order for ease. It's def past the point now lol

  7. Ty
  8. You want a solution here it is Devs. Run an event that gets you equipment tokens. Every token allows players to meld 2 equipment pieces into 1, adding stats from both pieces for an even better piece. This will uncluttered our inventory of massive amounts of equipment and increase the stats of our favourite weapons, armour and trinkets. If your feeling generous allow us to melt multiple items into 1 super nice piece of equipment that maybe won't be obsolete the very next event/Legend ( yes I did intend to point out how fast my equipment becomes another "throw away")
  9. [Insert gif of African man going "oh okay"]
  10. Pls devs, give us a ability to remove junk items from past events manually. Simple as like we buy/sell pots, on junk items we can choose either removed it or keep it. Tq
  11. TWO weeks ago devs said they were going to do something about this issue...and by do "something" they meant do "nothing".

    Stop asking because they aren't going to change this.

    Games that are about to be killed off always experience "maintenance" issues as the devs will only devote efforts to generating cash flow for the next several months while the game dies off.

    It's called milking.
  12. @iParty - change is not an instantaneous thing when it comes to changing how a live game mechanic works.
  13. Ami totally agree with this they need to remove the items in our inventory cos its confusing and takes me forever to work out which items are for this event
  14. @Cor, then why are the cluttered items only 8-10 months old? Where are all the unusable items from 2-7 yrs ago?

    A: because they used to clear it. It's not a new and instant change. It's something they used to do.

    ...and the crappy thing is that you know this. You've been around since the beginning.
  15. According to forums they have been in this stage for at least 3 years
  16. My view is, and it could be my timing is off:

    KaW relaunched on a new platform/app, right? That way it could keep up with the times, set the ground work for the Legends system and hinted at upcoming UI overhauls.

    Let's say that under the new backbone, "clearing out the clutter" broke / became bugged. If that happened, that would be considered not game-breaking, just inconvenient. In the best interests of progress, the build that broke the clearing system was pushed out, so that primary milestones could be met.

    Under bug smashing (if you'd call it a bug, pending what it actually is), it was probably discovered that there was no neat way to solve the issue and maintain the production schedule of events and upcoming features. If a solution was discovered, neat. It would be ironic if archaic spaghetti code was the cause ('cause the name of this topic, clutter), but at least that means time and effort would present a solution. Time and effort beat most things, I think (assuming learning is involved).

    Alternatively, some amount of time was initially dedicated to fixing it, a solution couldn't be found / thought of, so they decided to press forward, not openly talk about failures (nobody likes to point out their weaknesses), and hope that an epiphany comes down the road later.

    TL/DR: The above is to say there are plausible reasons for clutter to exist now compared to the past besides "the devs are just sitting back and milking the end of the game until it's dead" - if that was the case, we wouldn't have gone through all of the background changes.

    EDIT: Keep in mind, this is assuming they knew about it at the start, plus one scenario assumes that it worked "in the lab" broken, vs the clutter happening first on live after the build was pushed.
  17. No we have an update that should be out soon. These things take time.
  18. 3+ years a huge number of ppl have been asking for this tho... does it really take that long?
  19. @Cor - very reasonable hypothesis. I can totally see the new UI having that effect. I'll retract my statement about "milking it" based on that well thought out line of logic and wait and see.
  20. 8-10 months?...try having items 2-3yrs old lol