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  1. For a long time now players have been asking for a way to clean out, or at the very least, organize the items we see displayed in our profiles. The way the new legends are (and I must say I'm enjoying the new feature) but it's exacerbated the problem. Now not only do I have random left over event pieces but random pieces from some monster my troops have been chasing all over kingdoms. My damn inventory looks like Dr. Frankensteins work bench. Jus a request from a nobody. (If my inventory is cluttered I can only imagine what these top 10 players inventories look like)
  2. Dont people post this everyday?
  3. All the time, yes
  4. I literally posted about this 3 hours before you.....
  5. 10 nobility to remove unusable items in inventory
  6. Too cheap.
  7. Fgs just lock this please you're so dumb
  8. 10 nobs to remove it!!!!!!!!! Pay to get rid of stuff is flat out ridiculous. How about sell it for 1m gold per piece so at least u get something out of ur hard work to get it. Pay with real money to to rid of it is just stupid, if I'm reading that right.
  9. Why does it bother you so much 
  10. The pay comment wasn't a serious comment. Jokes and stuff.
  11. It bothers a lot of us. I still have psion, smh It reminds me of missing the higher prize tier by only four thingies. Lol.
    But also, with the way events zoom by anymore, all these accumulations of obsolete items are confusing. It's hard to remember which thingies we are trying to collect.
    Banner items as well. I have all the basic banners (which I no longer use) maxed. Unless the devs are gonna come out with new levels for them, I don't need the clutter when I'm scrolling down to find a specific thing.
  12. Sorry about that, you are right. We'll do something about it.
  13. :shock:

  14. Thank you!!!!!
  15. GRIZZY for VK
  16. I think I am falling in love with Mark, all this attention he is paying to all our gripes and issues.
    ..I'll try to play hard to get.
  17. Yeah the clutter is killing me