Clean out old event items

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by RocketRocker, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Hey all, first post in...many years. Devs, any chance to do another sweep out of extra stuff thats no longer needed? Minor thing I suppose, more important fixes needed. Comments anyone? Waste of dev time or support?
  2. Support.

    Not sure why old promo bits arent removed straight away...but at worst a yearly clean would be handy to clear out the profile page. #dekawtter
  3. im really looking to keep these though
  4. support
  5. Yes please. I hate looking to see how many current pieces of event items I have and needing to scroll through old items. Been suggested a lot but it doesn’t seem hard to do.
  6. Support plz. Although idk how simple this actually is becaus edevs May have to manually go through accounts and clear them out. Or just press a button who knows
  7. They most definitely do NOT need to do it manually on every single account. Idiots...
  8. As long as we keep the dank seals
  9. Devs made a forum post where a list was written showing exactly what items would be removed during a summer clean up. Ref- June 16 2016. I have given up on asking for this as it's not happened in over 20months plus. Devs advice to me was to "ignore them".
  10. Well at least they're being honest about their lack of concern over player's requests now...
  11. Major support. ..have tons of crapola i have to look through and something are similar so even bugs more. These items (with exception of prima tokens or anything that has a possibility of showing up in the near future) should self eliminate for gaming efficiency
  12. Support. Hopefully in 2025 devs will consider considering this idea.
  13. Support - i already have a garage full of crap i cant use.