Clarity over crestplate abuse

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  1. Twicc’s rage quitting we still get a good laugh over that 
  2. And Poostain the only reason you have grown is because ya self pin in fear non stop in fear of YAFI an your growth is nothing to brag about we always take ya gold just for fun 
  3. Mistakes happen.
  4. Crestplates are still having some major issues, they won't be back in the store for a little while.
  5. What happen someone hacking ATA?
  6. Darn,now I can't sleep until I find out what the number 3000 means.

  7. When can we dismantle buildings ?
  8. devs r already dismantling....
    check tatorzz new stats ...
    tho his owner is probably not v happy
  9. On the morning of the cp abuse tatorzz was worth 11t and at 60mcs he had 5.5 t in allies! I know because I owned him! He was over 4.5bcs and now owns tons in allies! So although he has been reduced somewhat he has still gained in allies and stats!
  10. papi_macchiato another who has been reduced yet still holds tons in allies! Again another account that has gained
  11. I think you need to stop outing those guys. It’s none of your business who PERSONALLY benefited from this screw up. The whole yes but not individually. That’ll lead to a public “lynching”.
  12. All those who abused it should be named at the very least! Do you now not the think everyone's build is now under scrutiny? Who cheated who didn't? Who got caught and who got away with it! Since this had happened notice the influx of new huge builds to the game? Can name a few of them to! And who is it up to? ATA extremely quite with it all!
  13. I same think it's not ok what those guys was game mistake that half players use to grow...but that problem is for developer team to deal not your personal vendetta to pick and telling everyone who was to benefits from plates glitch. ..go play game and stop watching others...
  14. Locking per open request
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.