Clarity over crestplate abuse

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  1. So is it ok if you bought crestplates & the correct amount of trader tokens were exchanged? & is there a ban on everyone buying crestplates at the moment?
  2. Also can someone please confirm the date & times this glitch was in place, e.g. explaining for timezones! Like northern Europe!
  3. Why need to confirm a date and time? It’s over with now lol
  4. Anyone who bought crestplates properly were actually on a different version of the game than those who bought them improperly, so it was really easy to determine which players legitimately purchased them versus exploited them. Players who legitimately bought them did not have any action taken against them.

    For those who exploited the crestplates, many of the cases have now been solved. I'm currently just double checking to make sure a lot of the scripts worked as intended, and then I will be dealing with the most serious offenders.

    I am hoping to have the crestplates back in the store by the end of today, but it will really depend on what happens.
  5. Winston. Any idea when we will be able to drop buildings please? ie for war to go as PS. Or those that were unfortunate to be stuck as PS to put their building back up? Cheers
  6. Ata are such nice folks...people spend tons of money on a account to grow an ata can take it away, at any time for no reason while they spend ya money, makes sense to me  keep sending them ya money 
  7. Has nothing absolutely nothing about guys spending money on the game! It's about cheating! Even if a guy has spent a ton on this it does not mitigate the fact they still abused an issue knowing full well that they should not ! That's the issue
  8. Buying loads of crestplates unfairly isn't the same as spending loads of money. Not even close. People basically got BC with quadrillions in allies for free if they abused it enough but sure keep telling yourself it's unfair
  9. I agree I didn’t do it got better sense that.... but don’t think ata won’t just take your account because they want to,no one owns nothing on this app but spend money on it I have,an it makes no sense
  10. ATA have only temp banned people to stop those who had abused it for gold from making it worse. Those who got temp banned will be dealt with on a case by case basis. I don't know what this will consist of but it's something the Devs are working on.
  11. There’s so much abuse that goes on in this app..from the charms, worse idea ata has ever had, an other abuses I best not mention that the devs can’t seem to stop or just don’t care about..... I’m really starting to believe this app is run out of grandmas basement
  12. Come from a YAFI hehehehe
  13. An the guilty always step up....first an screams the loudest huh Poostain
  14. Hehehehe is just so gay looking btw
  15. I hear you GOA really sucks what happen to YAFI and -appleseeds-
  16. Appleseed still dwells in Poostains night mares  he’s a legend  an like I said Poostain ata can take your account for no reason 
  17. Just love to remind you with a good laugh when you talk about cheats. You should remember why YAFI got destroyed
  18. YAFI will never be destroyed......No mater how much you dream about it Poostain  But keep ya dreams an RP going  I’d be bored if I wasn’t stripping na 
  19. All I can say is thank you for your support of my growth. You should be embarrassed talking about cheats with your clan history. You are always welcome supporting my growth. I don’t need to game glitch to grow. All I need is make you guys crazy
  20. Clan history? Lets not be hypocritical... shall we talk about the history of NALs glorious leader, the story involving the number 3000 and how it made him retire
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