Clarity over crestplate abuse

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  1. OK now since those suspected accounts has been suspended, can we have back the option to purchase crestplate back in the marketplace?
    Small accounts like us needed those to grow or else we won't be relevant in this game at all
  2. I have good mind to sue kaw for taken away the crestplates I bought with my tokens
  3. Maybe test your features before releasing. If you made it available of course people will use them. It's like giving someone a credit card with no limit and expecting them not to go wild with it. Devs need to rectify their mistake and roll back not punish those who used a feature in the game whether it had a glitch or not to was made available by yourselves nobody went out their way to find it. Something to think about...
  4. Ban me I don't care i will sue

    stupid kid
  6. They'll come back once the issue is properly resolved
  7. By far my favorite use of the TOU I've seen so far 
  8. Let's play KaW the right way.. Either be a P2Win or A Grind2win.. But cheating is just disgusting
  9. We get gifted things by the devs all the time. Even though I didn't know about or get in on the purchasing, I see this as a gift from the devs to be able to buy plates at all. There are plenty of other things you can buy to enhance your acct ( ie: nobs) that could be considered an unfair advantage in growing an acct, but it's what the devs have put in place. So stop whining about it and move on.
  10. You mentioning "pwars" triggered what I am assuming, is something similar to an acid flashback.

    But you are right, if your clan had a build complete spy, you were rolling in the gold as a newbie.
  11. When was this crestplate glitch happen? How does this happen?
  12. Hey @ATAwinston, this may be a premature ask but seeing as most illegitimate plates have been cleared out even if all accounts haven’t been fixed, do you have a timeline as to when building demolition will be reinstated?
  13. BS, you clowns don’t enforce this. You enforce whatever is convenient for you.
  14. No one should get a ban for exploiting a bug created by dev error, fair play to them imo, maybe take away the gains but this type of thing has happened throughout the history of kaw and in fact is part of what makes kaw kaw.. what is more important is the loss of dev time chasing this down... food for thought 
  15. So you condon the fact guys who have just joined should have the same stats as you? I have seen some go from 30mcs to 5bcs ! That's fair? Guys knew it was wrong and the that's the worse part! Why cheat? No one's build now can be without suspicion! Did Devs clear it up properly! Not as of now for sure cos I still can see accounts who did it!
  16. Dude calm down already..

    Devs sorting, time we mind our own business and worry about ones own account rather then ranting on and on about what your neighbor did. to those who got a taste of what it is to have a Awesome account.(you got you 15min of fame now back to lame).

  17. Yes I Condon it.
  18. Double condon is safer.
  19. What is classed as abusing crestplates?
  20. There was a glitch in the marketplace where you weren't getting charged tokens for crestplates so they were effectively free. Obviously this was an error and players bought lots in order to upgrade. In more severe cases players were selling buildings for easy gold and buying quadrillions in allies.
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